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Those pesky flame totems

Not sure how to call them, they fly and create the line of fire after a second or so, I call them flame totems although that’s not their actual name. So far most of them killed me in monolith runs, I sometimes manage to beat one in 1v1 encounter, but in general I die before I even see one. My max monolith level is 29 A.K.A my max level without encountering one of those creatures. I am playing fully tanked sentinel, aside from those creatures it’s really hard for me to die. In monolith 29 I was slashing through the swarms of monsters and bosses like they are boxes and planks instead of actual enemies, but if I stumble upon this flame totem it’s certain death.

What’s even more troublesome, I almost get oneshot (if not oneshot, then I die in matter of seconds) in monolith lvl 1. Is there something wrong with my character or game in general when it comes to these enemies? Are they meant to be harbingers of doom or smth? Because I rarely survive anything after fighting one
I think these creatures need some nerf and fast. There is no enemy in the game even remotely close to the damage and durability of this one (for me)
TL:DR Flame totems pretty much oneshot me in any difficulty, my progress is measured by amount of levels passed without flame totem encounter, at which point I can pretty much alt f4 with no remorse.

Winged Fire maybe? Yeah they’re nasty. I had to carry a few different accessory items high in different resists, fire, void, poison, necro because I am still looking for those few choice best in slot items. High armor, dodge, glancing blow is gooooooood to have as well plus some health leeching & reflect damage, you last longer.

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Got 100% GB
All resistances 50%-75%
2775 Armor
Block chance 61%
Block effectiveness 3026,
Crit avoidance 32%
Level 75 - 640 hp

It really is strange that no matter how much I try to tank myself up, it’s like nothing works vs those pests.

In addition I have a screenshot of me standing around 30 seconds in about half a map of enemies on me with my HP full. I was just standing there, didn’t move didn’t use a single spell, and this was in (my max) monolith 29, so I am guessing I am good on defensive stats as it is for a level I can’t go past. I think devs should definitively do something about this creature in specific because it doesn’t add up

What were the mods on the monolith? Did they have lots of crit chance? Were the Winged Fire rares with added crit chance?

Let’s focus on level 1 monolith, where modifier was cooldown or something not damage related. Even though, I obviously had some dmg modifiers in later monoliths it’s still way way too strong for any other enemy in the game. To be honest I didn’t have as much of a problem with other classes I played with, although this is the first melee character that I tried. In addition as a forge guard I should be more resistant to fiery enemies, which turns out is not the case

Yeah, I’m not really sure what to say, I normally move out of the way once they’ve started their channel.

I must agree with you here, even tho i rarely call nerf on anything, because its usually a matter of the right tactics or gear, but these guys are almost certain death for me too on my melee chars (not so hard for ranged or minion builds tho).
I do manage to kill them sometimes with my werebear (100%GB/CA 70%fire res 35%dodge), but that only happens 10% of the time when im lucky enough no other monsters are near and i can charge in at the excactly right time and kill them fast enough.
Im not saying theyre impossible, but they are the reason i stopped playing any of my melee chars.

Edit : I assume were talking about the “Covenant of Dominion” and not the normal Winged Fire types, as those are relatively easy to move out from, but the Covenant has an attack you wont see coming no matter where you stand.

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Same here, it’s quite easy to dodge from afar, but seeing that all my spells are melee there is no way for me to react quickly enough, even if I get lucky and start dodging a lot before the animation for the attack even starts, the encounter itself is long enough so I can’t beat it on pure luck and attack predictions.

In my opinion the way this could be fixed would be for the devs to make the enemy spell dmg to be based on distance for example 50% at point zero to up to 100% as it goes further from the caster, so melees won’t get oneshot as easy

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Yeah, melee needs to be ****ed over less.

Yup those are definitely good stats for anything. I’ve seen weirdness with this Beta before as you’ve encountered, my stats are similar and I have reflective damage BUT I’ve been killed instantly by 4 little worms many times lol. It’s like the formulas for damage and defense go haywire and poof you’re dead no matter what.

Honestly, it feels like fire damage does more than any other in every instance I’ve experienced or ignores fire resist, not sure, I have nothing but problems with all fire mobs more than any other.

I decided to experiment and get to the bottom of this by going full fire protection build, Build will be experimental with only purpose to measure if there is any way to protect myself against this particular enemy.

In the meantime it wouldn’t hurt that who ever reads this thread upvote it so the developer see it and understand how important this issue.


Hehe I did the same and went with my melee Shaman (High Freeze/Slow/Chill, 40block/48dodge, 100%GB/70%CA, 78% fire res), and then i managed to study them close up.
They do 3 attacks :

  1. The one as the normal Winged fires does wich show a line in the ground (easy to avoid)
  2. A triple direction ground attack that seems to hit wherever you stand (hits like a truck), and if you panic and run in any of the 3 lines that spawns from that its almost fatal too
  3. A kind of Discos throw that goes far out, and comes back to hit you in the back (mostly when youre trying to avoid the 2 other attacks)

I was lucky enough to face it on Mono 1 so it was doable with enough slow, but facing it on any higher Monos without slow where it can shoot those 3 attacks fast its nearly impossible (as we already concluded).
Imo one of those attacks needs to be removed (preferrably the 3 lined ground attack), or the damage needs to be nerfed by something like 50%.

Btw I think most people vote in another thread called “Covenant of Dominion needs to be nerfed”, as they might not now this thread is also about that

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