Thorn Totem node “Forested Expanse” combined with Spriggan Form node “Spiked Totems” = 15 totems...?

little question: is it intended that the amount of totems stack on a Spriggan Druid?

Spriggan Form node “Spiked Totems” applies all of Thorn Totem to the Spriggan Form Healing Totems.
This means Spriggan Form can have a total of:
2+3+4 Spiked Healing Totems (self cast)
+2+4 Thorn Totems (procced through Idols)
= 9 Spiked Healing Totems + 6 Thorn Totems at the same time
= 15 shooting totems

because of the “normal” node in Spriggan Form “Unbound Garden”, and on top of that, the Thorn Totem node “Forested Expanse”: with each point in “Forested Expanse”, you get an additional Thorn Totem AND Spiked Healing Totem… (double dipping).

Is that meant to be? I feel sad for the Shaman… but then we all know that poor guy needs help.

From memory, no. The “always summon 3” from Unbound Garden overrides Forested Expanse’s +1 per summon (up to 5).

You misunderstood me…

Unbound Garden not only summons 3 at the same time, it also allows for a bigger maximum…

To get the 15 totems you need to cast Spiked Healing Totems 3 times… and have enough Idols to procc the 6 Thorn Totems by attacking with the Spriggan skill Spirit Thorns.

It really works… I just found out on my Spriggan… it’s crazy.

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Mmm, Can you share the build and a mini video ? Im levelling a spriggan and im curious about ability to have 15 totems :joy:

Hi Sedprc,

unfortunately I don’t know how to do videos, let alone upload screenshots on this forum :crying_cat_face:

Here is a “beginning of a build” with the necessary stuff required for a playable 10-totem build, because I dropped “unbound garden” from spriggan form, in favor of “grove mind” in thorn totem:

This mean I can go into spriggan form and just rinse&repeat:

  • 1x summon healing totem (summons them in a circle at mouse cursor, grove node from thorn totem is applied, :partying_face: )
  • spam spirit thorns (depending on your idols you will have a good procc chance: it will summon all 5 thorn totems at once around your toon, when it proccs)

With the (common) unique items from that link, you get spriggan form perma by level 50 and good killspeed to clear mobs and bosses.
Make sure to grab “totemic wisdom” from thorn totem, so your spriggan healing totems don’t drop your rage too much (yes, even that thorn totem node applies summon healing spirit in spriggan form, thanks to the “spiked totems” node in sprigan form).

With the “ancestral call” node in sprigan form (max it!) you should regain your rage quickly, so you should never drop out of spriggan form unless you mess up.

I put a pic in the zip file with the 10 totems up.

If you still want the 15 totems:
undo the “grove mind” node in thorn totem (that node takes away 1 thorn totem and 1 spiked healing totem)
max “unbound garden” node in spriggan form (+3 spiked healing totem)

Casting sequence:

  • 3x summon healing totem (will appear at mouse cursor)
  • spam spirit thorns (the thorn totems will procc individually, right under your toon, high procc chance is key here to get all 6 totems out)

I found this setup to be too slow for smooth gameplay, and 10 totems is ridiculous enough as it is :slight_smile:

I’m still testing if I want to add Maelstrom and/or Avalanche Boulders to that setup (procced through more idols).
Screenshot from 2024-01-25 (3.9 MB)

You either upload them as a format the forum permits or upload them to somewhere like & link/embed them.

this makes me want to abandon my werebear to check this out lol.

shaman lol

Er… this is how the Spriggan Thorn Totem build works. Why are we all acting so surprised?

I also summon a fully specced Storm Totem when firing Spirit Thorns (via the Storm-carved Relic).

The build starts to fall off a little in high corruption due to lack of damage output even with close to BiS gear, so it’s nowhere near broken or OP.

Yeah thorn totems are awesome at a certain point. having a ton of them arround makes it even better.