Thorn totem build advice

Hi there, i am currently playing the spriggan form thorn totem shaman build. So I put 2 points into forested expanse in the thorn totem skill tree and increase my healing totem limit from 6 to 8. No issues here.

I then get a piece of gear with +1 to thorn totem skill, great! I put another point into forested expanse to get 9 totems total falling inline with the build guide i’m using. However the healing totem limit seems to still stay at 8. Even if i max out the forested expanse skill i am still capped to 8. Any advice here am i just being dumb?

Did you put 3 points in Spriggan Form “Unbound Garden” node?
Base Thorn Totem Limit: 2
4 points in Thorn Totem “Forested Expanse” node: +4 Max Totem
3 points in Spriggan Form “Unbound Garden” node: +3 Max Totem
So total will be 9 totems