Thorn shield prioritisation from patch 0.9g not working as expected

Good evening.

The 0.9g QoL patch for thornshield targetting seemed great for me, however after playing around with it, it is not behaving how i would have expect from the patch notes.

The patch note line reads: “Thorn Shield now has a slight priority for targeting players over minions and mobile minions over immobile minions.”
This would indicate to me that if two entities were stacked, the spell would prioritise targetting in the order Player> Mobile > Immobile

In my case this would be Player > Bear > Totem

When i cast thornshield i automatically cast eteras blessing due to 8 points in the druid node “Blossoming garden” upon cast. Due to the node “ancestral renewal” i then summon a totem upon heal.

This means that if i cast thorn shield on my bear itll heal the bear and summon the totem underneath the bear.
However if that happens and the bear doesnt move (like while attacking a boss) then the subsequent thorn shields are being cast on my totem instead of on the bear, even though the bear should be prioritized due to a bear being mobile and a totem being immobile.

To illustrate this issue i have added a small recording of this happening outside of combat.
Thornshield prio demo

As you can see by the thickness of the thornshield animation on the totem and the explosion on totem expiry the totem had several stacked thorn shields, while the bear only had the initial 1.

I hope this was usefull in any way,
Thanks for reading.

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