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Thorn Burst needs improvement and more passives for Thorn Totem

I have been playing in Arena and I am level 40 something now. I’ve been using 3 Wolves and one Bear and Thorn Totem. Works great so far as I need a lot of tanking.

Then I leveled up Thorn Burst thinking I can be a Thorn Mage. Oh my. This skill needs a lot of improvement. I am fine with its shorter range to start but it only hits once per cast? The damage is WAY TOO LONG.

It needs to do several hits like what Thorn Totem does with Spirit talent. Would that be overpowering? I don’t know. I just know it’s pretty dangerous for me to stand closer. You can also create new Passives that encourage Solo thorn mage that focuses on Thorn Burst, thorn blade around me and chance to proc Thorn Totem on hit or something (as casting them can be a pain while I am using Thorn Burst).

Thorn mage will focus on standing closer, a lot of poison stacking or Saundering on the ground.

Just some ideas.

And also, I really enjoy Thorn Totem but I feel there’s not enough Passives to improve it. It’s not a “melee skill”. The only two passives that may be increasing Thorn Totem damage is the one that grants 3% Damage (and Strength) and more casting speed passive. I feel there should be a passive that increases Thorn Totem health. Yes, I know Thorn Totem has a skill talent for it but it’s such a waste of precious skill points. I rather use my own Passives for it and not increasing my own health and my other Pets.

Just create a passive for Totem only? That way a Thorn mage can focus on that. Some ideas would be:

  1. Increase Thorn Totem Health / Armor / Resistance
  2. Increase your own Health and Thorn Totem (since you can tank while the totems do damage. The idea of Beastmastery is the synergy between minions and you)
  3. Increase your own Health Regen / Defense while standing close to Each of your Thorn Totem.

Thanks for the post!

Just going to move this from Acolyte to Primalist.

oh oops. LOL Thanks. Is Thorn Burst supposed to only hit once per cast or each dart can hit the same target like thorn totem.

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