This is getting ridiculus - getting legendaries

We should be able to slam endless amount of times to never brick the legendary - problem solved.

while i appreciate your humor, i think its fair to say that a balance is needed. Uniques and LP’s have some core problems that have nothing to do with slamming but also everything.

Take Hollow Finger for example, This is an OK item, not a great item, its ok though. But slam it with 3lp on a decent exalted ring? Suddenly this can be a great item. My point being, alot of unique items are either just ok or garbage.

Look at the keltan blasting agent. Why is this item useful? Is it because it buffs decoy? No not at all, its because it has increased ignite duration and fire pen. Most wouldnt even use this item, but add 3 lps and suddenly its an item worth using.

Now since were all drinking the ward coolaid, lets look at an item like Last steps of the living. The implicit is good, and the life conversion is good. Everything else is mid to garbage. Nobody would even use this item without the life conversion affix. If experimental had the life to ward affix nobody would use this item.

Unless a a unique changes the way something works its more often than not just garbage unless you can double up on stats.

So you can see why nobody wants to farm endlessly to turn trash items or barely usable items into something worth it or feel gimped because they cant push leaderboard since joe blow is an rmter or extra lucky with core items.


If you feel that an unique is garbage for whatever build you’re going that’s great you can now get some great crafted piece instead.

LP is a bonus, for pushing your build to the very limit or to make leveling alts easier but its far from mandatory.

the problem is not that a unique is garbage for my build or x builld. Its that its garbage for all builds, which is most uniques without lp and many with 3+lp. Now dont get me wrong, im all for LP being just an extra, in the current state of the game though you could remove the majority of uniques without changing much.

I’d even go so far as to say that for most uniques their only purpose is to slam 3lp, Thats how bad the state of uniques are and why people feel that they need to slam them. Otherwise remove LP and see what happens, most of them wont even be worth the time it takes listing on the mg.


I am going to be moving offline soon if no changes. Just found out WeMod has released for offline Last Epoch. If the devs wont let me have fun, i will have my own fun. Crank all drop rates to 100% for 4lp. Then theory craft.

I would advise anyone who has a value for their sanity do the same

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To be fair to the OP Temporal dungeon is extremely painful to do after about 20 times not to mention 100’s of times. Squirting lemon juice in your eyes would be better. It’s not fun! There needs to be a Legendary Forge you unlock and can just skip the pain. Sorry.

It’s just a time sink of agony. It really is. There just has to be a better way to forge Legendaries where you can just portal to the forge. Make it an Epic quest? Make it a T4 Julra kill as part of the quest. Anything but having to run this dungeon painfully, dreadfully again wasting time running into dead ends as you just are trying to craft your 175 legendary or whatever number you are up too.

It’s bad, it needs a HUGE QoL overhaul. Period. It’s just dreadful to do now. Sometimes LP items just sit in my stash cause I can’t muster up the will power to go in there. I think to myself do I really want to craft this item. As opposed too I can’t wait to craft this item. Which is a problem.

Edit - EHG wants to remove bloat and gold from the economy, well let us craft faster then. I got 100s of items in my stash to slam. Let me do it rapid fire and remove all these items from circulation. There is a bottle neck here called Temporal Sanctum which is in the way.


-I keep following this thread and responded to it much earlier, stating that I feel mixed because I want to ensure things aren’t dumbed down to much.

-I have since failed 30-40 times to move the one affix I really want to move over onto the unique.

-I am throwing so many days away farming the same unique item and an appropriate exalted only to result in failure. I have not had one success.

-At this point I now feel that all the RNG should be in acquiring the right unique and the right exalted and there should be zero RNG for which affix you want to move over onto the unique. If I try to feel otherwise, it would just be beating my head against a wall at this point.

I’d like to be able to grow ANY of my characters I have levelled up at ALL, but I am just stuck against this constant failure-wall.

*As said, I would like to keep the rng from huge loot tables, etc in ACQUIRING the correct gear. I would like RNG for legendary crafting to be gone. At this point, with how much time I am spending to generate nonstop failure: It is not feeling appropriate.

I am usually ANTI-CAMP “dumb things down” but not on this. I am beginning to lose desire to play since I spend all my time building up to failure. The RNG in actually getting the items is very much enough for me.

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When i said “this game doesn’t respect your time” and that all the thing around “legendary crafting was broken” i got jumped on. Makes no sense of having a hard and long dungeon, and a very strong boss like Jura protecting a freaking RNG depressing mechanic. Now most people seem to agree with the sentiment. This game is way too frustrating to level up your char in the end game, specially for people that casually play 2 hours per day. Mind you, we are talking about about one character only, which means there is 11 more characters to progress yet (talking about completion). I’ve not played the game in the last 2 weeks but i like to check on Forums, i really hope they make the game less depressing / RNG based regarding crafting.

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Indeed it could be great to see lp just as a bonus, but actually a lot of skills are in a really bad state and we need lp to make it work, so for some build we have no choice.

Another problem is mandatory affix, like melee crit on weapon, you absolutely need this one to push your dps with some skill

Imo some balancing in this game could help a lot, but i have no idea why they don’t change anything, some skills perform really bad since beta, some unique have real design issue…
I’m tired of waiting for something to happen

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I’m not, I play D2R. It is tedious from a QoL perspective, but the itemization is still very solid. What I can’t stand about D2R is the stash space limitations. LE knocked it out of the park in that regard.

I don’t think you need to tell me anything. That two players have different tastes should be expected by everyone.

I do not have any problem clearing content. Some builds struggle, simply because they haven’t had their glow up yet. (Shaman PSA: MASTERY IDENTITY, PASSIVES AND SKILL SYNERGIES STILL NEED ANOTHER PASS). @EHG_Mike I get that you don’t want to call it a “rework”, and I get why you don’t want to call it that. Suggestion: call it a ‘glow up’.

My problem at 75 is that it’s at this level where, FOR ME, being able to get meaningful upgrades starts to slow. And because I’ve done this a bunch of times now, I know that by 85 it will be a crawl. After the … 20th alt (i think about that many, I’ve been playing this for 3 or 4 years), knowing that is demotivating. Mono’s being so repetitious is the other part of what is demotivating. So, start another alt? What haven’t I played? Some Rogue builds, I guess, but I don’t like the Rogue.

So I come to the forums to give my feedback on itemization. I think the grind starts too early, both from a character level perspective and a gear perspective. I stay for a little bit to watch the conversation, respond if I think it’s interesting, and eventually move on to another game. And keep an eye on LE in case the dev releases something new that I’m interested in. But I’m starting to think that eventually their brand of itemization will drive me away for good.

It’s all good though, they made the game that they wanted and I have enjoyed it. If they and enough players to support their business enjoy this degree of RNG then I’m sincerely happy for them. They have worked hard and did a good job.

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I can see that. LE’s in a weird spot to me. It def feels like it’s built for 4-6hrs/day crowd rather than a casual player. I understand the exalt strat, I did that with my boots as well, but I’ve only ever found 3 usable exalt boots with either of those stats listed, and I bricked 2 of them thanks to the crafting system. The third I got a decent roll, but it was enough to know that’s not for me. I’m not a fan of the crafting system.

It’s ironic you mention D2 as the folks I play with all quit LE last week to go back to D2R (praise the graphics upgrade) for a while. I can’t compare the two really as their 20 years apart, but one thing we love about it is when a Unique drops, say a bronze Shako, you know it’s good. When we see Orange helmets in LE, we know it’s crap. And if it’s the one you want without LP… that one’s crap too.

The LP system has in a way made it so if a Unique doesn’t have the proper amount of LP on it, it’s not a Unique at all, it’s just an Orange-colored rare.

LE was fun, I had 110 hours in, and a 95 Necro, I got my moneys worth. However, my buddy’s Judgement Pally and another’s Void Knight were hilariously out performed by my Abomination or Triple Golems build and they just felt un needed so they quit. Without anyone to play with, so did I, now we’re back to D2 for a bit. Will see what EHG does in the future.

This is true especially for the old unique’s something that hopefully gets a revamp in conjuction with set items, but is the same, if you don’t need the unique just use a crafted piece. I’m in the camp that LP could use a minimal buff but far from what people are asking, I’ll be happy just getting a nice LP filter.

Agree with that some skills need some kind of tuning or hell even a revision of nodes to make sure all is working has intended, but that doesn’t mean that LP should get easier more available; Builds that really need multiple uniques with LP to even function are what we call “for fun”, these kind of builds is for players that have plenty of gear available or don’t mind the crazy grind ahead of em.

If you put it that way then there’s nothing to be said. It’s your opinion and experience so no one can really dispute that. I have a completely different experience from you so it’s puzzling. I found constant upgrades until about level 85. By no means does my character have anything good legendary wise (except t7 movement speed and t5 health slammed onto my Snowdrift), but my character isn’t pushing corruption because I’m working on my grand blessings. Otherwise the bosses can’t even phase because I annihilate them. Perhaps we’re crafting differently. I never find the perfect item, I find something usable and craft it into something good.

@Sarkman - I’m not the 4-6 hour crowd. I am the prototypical dad with 10 kids and 4 wives so I only play anywhere from 1-3 hours at night.

You could make the same argument for loot, in general. I have 10s of 1000s of shards, rune and glyphs. And… basically nothing to use them on after level 80-85ish. Why? Because it’s pointless to craft any Exalted item that doesnt have the T6/T7 affix, and at least 2 of the other affixes being something useful. The 4th is always the deal break. get a T5 Dodge, then the item is trash. Get a T1-T2, then pray I can Despair it. Otherwise, pray to the Chaos gods. 99% of the time, the Item bricks anyhow.

Also, can’t use them at all on Unique items. Get a Unique I need, but with sub-par stats? Tough shit. Vendor.

LE loot is like the world’s largest pinta, but instead of being filled with candy, 99.9% of it is Gel-Caps filled with toothpaste.

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I get a feeling that the real problem is not LP items being random, but players getting bored of lack of endgame, and lack of feeling of progression. So they try to progress in the only field available - gear, and good gear (like T22) is easily available, and all upgrades are LP uniques, which are meant to be “just a bonus”, but are perceived an only way forward.
If the game offered a form of steady progression, both in terms of content and character power, be it through getting better gear, or otherwise, we would probably get a lot less “give LP” threads, and it would be a lot more justified to just dismiss them as crybaby threads. Now, however, they highlight a fundamental problem, the one that is not even about LP uniques at all.
As for how to solve it:

  • PoE has a system of atlas completion, which takes a bit longer than monolith completion, so maybe there needs to be some work done in this regard.
  • They also have pinnacle bosses, and you have to farm a bunch to get an attempt at fighting them, so it’s not just randomly getting a key and going in a dungeon. Hopefully LE’s bosses won’t be just more dungeons available from random drops.
  • Maybe it would be a good idea to make some form of overall corruption tracker (sum of all monoliths’ corruption levels, with each monolith contributing no more than 300, or whatever devs think is a good number, to the sum) that is your endgame “progression”, and it should affect the maximum level and quality of gear available to be dropped. For example (numbers are arbitrary here) when your total corruption is below 1000 (until you unlock empowered), you have an almost impossible chance to get any exalted items, so there’s a good probability you won’t see one until unlocking empowered, 1000-1500 you get a low chance to get T6, 2000-2500 - medium chance to get T6, almost impossible chance to get T7, 2500-3000 - low chance to get T7, 3000 - you get a low chance to get multi-exalted items. That way players will get a clear goal to pursue, with pinnacle bosses offering the best loot (higher chance of multi-exalted items and LP).
    Of course classes need to be balanced so that each mastery can progress to 300 corruption, and that it actually takes effort to do so.
    Some other forms of steady progression will be good, but it’s hard to offer any real original ideas.
    I personally think that combining uniques into higher LP versions of the same unique is potentially good, as it also offers a steady and semi-deterministic progression, but apparently that’s not what LP uniques are intended to be by the developers, being “just a bonus” that one can get only by being very lucky.
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I often wonder how companies come up with systems like this. I mean D3 already crashed and burned with this same type of loot system that needed to be fixed in Reaper of Souls. Now D4 and LE do the same thing? Makes no sense.

The older I get, the more I’m convinced it’s all on purpose. The modern game release cycle has become:

  1. Release game in a flawed state.
  2. Wait for community to push back.
  3. Release some half hearted “We hear you” message.
  4. Fix issues that never should have existed in the first place.
  5. Bask in all the “See! They listen to the community” praise.
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I do think that a lot of the loot system would need an overhaul, but thinking that this is somehow a nefarious plan by the designers is just silly.

The way I see it, there are two main issues at play.

  1. It is actually much harder than you think to come up with a good system.
  2. For loot and progression, it is much better to release things underpowered and buff them later compared to the opposite (Just look at the huge amount of complaining after they nerfed the arena keys selling value.)

Bonus Issues:

  1. Most playtesting that you can do will not perfectly map to the way the playerbase actually engages with the game.
  2. And some of these systems are just legacy systems that were designed at a time when the game was a lot different.
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You’re a god amongst insects. Well done lol. I got tired just reading that line.

Oh 100%, I’m just poking fun with my tinfoil hat on. It’s a delicate balance. you have to make things accessible enough so the casuals can play and enjoy your game, but also make parts of progression out of reach enough to give the try-hards something to aim for as well.

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But it’s really not that delicate. The try-hards are sticking around for the Arena/Corruption pushing. That can be done with LP1 or LP4 – it just varies how high they can push. But also allowing Casuals to obtain their gear, and “finish” their characters, gives them a sense of completion, and they can move on to alts, or whatever. Instead of quitting out of frustration.

The only people it hurts are the ones who think that (realistically)obtainable gear somehow ruins a game, and will drive people away.

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