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This game will be for me ? :D

hi, i like few hack and slash like PoE, Grim Dawn, torchlight 2 like some people here i guess.

But why i would like play to an other game ? :smiley:

I search a game with a better progresse, i’m old have a job / family. Start a league on PoE is fun few week later you clear all game, are “full gear” But for a little upgrade need play 100h or more xD. Atm i can play only 1 league / year :’(

I like craft / rare gear, i don’t like when the gear is full legendary or Set build in, i feel like “i must play like the devlopper want”.

A good end game :D, and hard lvling.

This game will support mods ? :slight_smile:

Hi there,

We’d like to support mods, but we can’t commit to that at the moment.

Unique items are designed to be different and build-enabling. They’re not supposed to be the only thing you use at the end-game. We have a pretty deep crafting system - [color=#FFFFFF]here’s[/color] a Dev Blog about it.