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This Game is Awesome and the Devs Deserve to Hear it!

I am having so much fun playing this game and with every new update it just gets better.

The new levels look cool(love rooftops and mission in the air?!?!?!), the new monsters are sweet(charging scarab/beetle is freakin awesome) and it feels like this game is made with passion.

Absolutely point out the flaws so they can find and fix em but DONT FORGET TO SUPPORT THESE GUYS!!! Can’t be easy getting things criticized and mistakes pointed out over and over again. Show some love gamers because the devs freaking deserve it.

Whatever flow you guys got going on right now I love it and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


As someone who has played since mid alpha they really are doing an amazing job. Cheers to them.


Have not played through a lot of the game. Still a long way to go, but there are so many great things about this game that works really well. Surely improvements on some things is needed, but I mean, come on. Many great things. THere s sone thing that nags me a bit though, and this will and are most likely to be changed I believe, but I have to say that every time I move into where a BOSS are, I feel like I am entering an actual Arena. Is this done on purpose, or will it actually change?
I played many a game of this genre, but this is the only one I feel like I am actually entering an Arena of some sort when fightring Bosses.
I never had this feeling when playing other games like this. Why does this specific game make me feel like that?

I can understand where you’re coming from. I personally like it feeling almost arena like because I feel really focused on the boss and it’s mechanics.
Everyone has different tastes though and that’s great. I’m genuinely curious what you don’t like about the “arena” style. No other mobs?

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Yeah, they are doing great joob :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven´t played enough of the game to know enough, I guess.
But when you ask what I don´t like about the Arena style.
I don´t know what to tell about it, but every time I am about to walk into an area where the Boss(es) is, I just get the feeling of entering an Arena.
In other games like this I have never ever felt like I am entering an Arena. I just find it strange and odd. Every other game feels like the place where the BOSS is, is rather in an area(s) with environment(s), that the place belongs there together with the place itself. But in LE I enter an Arena.

One thing I also wants to have is the ability to scroll. Not just in/out but sideways, around, feom side to side.

Be careful. You could choke.