Third Faction for the Trade system

I feel like it’s almost imperative that there is a divide in the non-trading category, but it could just be my own personal preference. I’ve found from playing D2, D3, PoE, Grim Dawn, etc. that you have people that like trading, people that like crafting, and people that like looting. Seeing the benefits or perks from the two faction system puts it in perspective that it’s more a “Either you craft your gear, or you trade for your gear” when honestly that leaves out the people that just want to find exciting items. Sure there’s a perk for better affixes ON items, but that more just preps the item for crafting than anything.

I’d propose to have the Merchant’s Guild, the Artisan’s Guild, and the Scavenger’s Guild. Maybe that’s splitting the game too much? Or have the Circle of Fortune have two sub groups that you choose between, or talents to pick or something along those lines. It feels bad to pick the faction you feel best represents your ideal playstyle, then be given a bunch of perks you don’t even want to interact with.

I’m used to SSF, so anything beyond that is obviously still a bonus TO that self imposed playstyle but I’m just thinking of how it could benefit different preferred loot acquisition. I like finding rare stuff that’s powerful, I like shiny stuff, I don’t like making it, and I don’t like trivializing content by trading pennies for it.


But why? Neither faction impact on whether you can craft or not. If you don’t want to trade then CoF is the better faction. I’m just very confused by what the problem that you’re trying to solve actually is, since crafting is an orthogonal axis to trade.

Then CoF is for you.


Apparently your reading comprehension is severely lacking as I stated the issue is CoF only encourages crafting gear, and has very little to do with the excitement of finding loot upgrades. Sure though, derail the discussion by misinterpreting my post. Truly insightful, thanks!

Have you read what CoF does? It’s all about getting loot to drop, it has nothing to do with crafting.

Now, I know my reading comprehension is sub-par, but what part of “Improves quantity and quality of item drops” refers to crafting. I’m curious as to what someone with a higher than degree level reading comprehension would get from that bullet point since I’m, clearly, insufficiently intelligent to correctly parse it.

If we do a quick search on the devs’ post for “craft”, the only hit we get is:

I’ve bolded the relevant section just in case your reading comprehension is better than mine & you missed it.

I wasn’t derailing the discussion, I was genuinely confused as to what you believed the problem was (you think that CoF only encourages crafting) & why you thought CoF was for crafters (while MG/trading wasn’t).

I also wasn’t being particularly sarcastic (for once).


Cute, you completely ignored the actual breakdown of what those specific drop changes actually amount to.
“Rank 2: 45% chance for Runes of Ascendance to be preserved when used on an item”
“Rank 4: Affixes are 50% more likely to be Exalted.”
“Rank 6: Uniques are twice as likely to have Legendary Potential”
Again. Reading comprehension, those are all crafting bonuses. I get you’re a known forum troll, which is why I’m going to continue to report your posts as spam and inflammatory, it’s a shame I can’t block you on the forums, but muting will have to suffice for now. Cheers.

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One of those (rank 2) is crafting (kinda, it gives you a unique, but yes, it does use the crafting UI), one (#6) is kinda crafting-ish & the other one isn’t even slightly crafting (#4 for those with superior reading comprehension). And there are going to be 10 ranks so to say CoF is crafting focused when we know 3 of 10 modifiers & they aren’t all crafting plus the big bullet points (probably for those of us with low reading ages) which say that it’s for item drops.

You do you.

And you can kinda block people on the forum. But that’s only for low IQ people such as myself to be able to do.


I think it’s very odd of you to keep banging the reading comprehension drum when you’re really consistently missing the forest for the trees. To wit:

Only two of these have anything even remotely to do with crafting, and only in the barest, most tenuous way. They are not “crafting bonuses” unless you’re being obtuse.

The focus of CoF is on improving gear acquisition via items that drop for you, as opposed to items that dropped for someone else which you traded for. That does not mean exclusively crafting, as you claim it does, but it does not mean zero crafting of any kind ever either. Dropped items and various ways of modifying them are fundamentally intertwined in Last Epoch. If you don’t like that modifying items is meant to be part of your gear acquisition process - whether you have traded for those items or not - Last Epoch is not the game for you.

The only one being inflammatory here is you. If you can’t handle the lightest possible challenging/questioning of your ideas, then don’t post them - send them to EHG via e-mail instead.


Please be respectful in your discussion. I will close the thread if we can’t move past taking shots.

Llama and Bronco are right, the majority of CoF bonuses are to item drops and they also get some bonuses to crafting. The bonuses that are being referenced are also work in progress examples that are designed to show the type of bonuses that we will be implementing, not specific bonuses that are guaranteed to be included. As it states in the infographic.

We have no intention to split CoF into two factions, this would only serve to exacerbate the primary problem with the system, complexity.


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Feel free to close the thread, it appears I’ve wandered into an echo chamber/[redacted by staff]/clique. Thanks for the information pertaining to the system regardless.

Considering how much Llama posts and how much useful information his posts usually contain, this makes sense.

I guess you might just add me to that list next, though :joy:


Yea, I usually use the like button as an endorsement that the information is correct. So when someone posts a question if the correct answer is already there, it’s faster to just hit like than repeat what someone else has already said.

In this case, I thought it better to spell it out a little more.