Things within the game that arouse disgust

Do you have disgust for something within the game? Maybe certain NPC visuals, effects or sounds?

Up until yesterday I didn’t but that new Bolroth enemy type that has fungi (hard to identify) growing out of their back makes me immediately feel uncomfortable as soon as I see them. A shiver runs down my spine and I feel the urge to shake and take a shower. :smiley:

Spiders. Always the Spiders.

Fortunately I’ve never been affected by arachnophobia to that degree. It must be extremely stressful to experience that even in video games which you’re supposed to enjoy.

wait till those with Trypophobia chime in,.

I wasn’t aware that this is a thing. I checked Wikipedia and some other sites and some of the imagery used as an example made me feel quite uncomfortable so that I had to pull the monitor’s plug and leave the room. Damn, I should definitely learn to temper my curiosity. :nauseated_face:

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Maybe someone can do an AI generated picture of a Trypophobia hand with spiders crawling/bursting out of the holes. Get the best of both worlds. :smiley:

Yeh that perfect MP experience they said they wouldnt release till it was ready…Well they released it and its not even close to being average never mind perfect.

Why is it always giant spiders, not even like some elemental or mechanical spiders just straight up spiders.