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They know

Yes, we are teasing you… :grin:


Ha ha, nice!

It’s like Sarno’s come back to taunt us.


Nice… So the Sentinel seems to be really happy regarding his fat smile :laughing:


My boy’s grin in the background. Perfect.

The Cheshire Cat grin on the Sentinel can only mean good things on the way (hopefully).

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I actually dont know anything what is being released, if you just play the game and read forum occasionally and dont just sit in discord you actually get to find out almost nothing

still farming 300+ corruption in the hope Omnis will drop…still have no idea if it can at this point, because this community doesnt like to share much information

I had to read the comments to even see what this was about…and I already know which skills are coming…


Did something happen to Sarno?

He is no longer part of EHG.

A while actually.

He was one of the best.

The rest of EHG has to practice alot, to reach a similar level of tease :smiling_imp:
But yeah, they are on a good way with posts like this.

Oh, that’s truly unfortunate, I hope he didn’t leave on bad terms or anything.


I love that “skills” is in plural. :slight_smile:

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I really hope for another VK exclusive spammable Void Melee Skill.
Something similar to Rive or Vengeance.

If they remove or merge stances Erasing Strike will feel very lonely.
Also Judgment could use some love to make it an exciting exclusive skill.

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Well, I was hoping for some more ranged stuff. I remember Mike told us about some new throwing skills coming to the game, I hope we will have at least one (relatively) soon.

There is so much they could add.

I personally don’t care for throw stuff.
But I know a lot of peeps would be very happy about those.

I just believe that some Masteries (like VK) need more exclusive stuff to make the mastery choice more impactful.

Many builds choose VK because of the echo mechanic, but don’t even use any or few VK skills.

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Is there some kind of announcement or leak I don’t know about?

For what?

All of my statements are just wishes/guesses.

Regarding the stances, EHG said on multiple occasions, that they will not receive skill trees and they think about how to handle them, but they don’t have detailed plans.

Merging them into passives or one skill was hinted at, but we don’t have any details.they maybe do something totally different, but the only thing that was basically confirmed: Stances in their current state will not receive skill spec trees.

No, he’s, just being Heavy…

Now the question is, do you think that’s good or bad :smiley: