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These forums needs fixing

forums needs fixing posts not showing

We’ll be moving to another forum package very soon.

I tried posting this in Feedback and Suggestions but its not showing up.

After reading the FAQ’s I see the multiplayer party size is only going to be 5 people. Diablo 2 had 8 players per party. Why is it that in this modern computer age 20 years after Diablo 2 came out party sizes have got smaller in most ARPG games ? Technology should be increasing not decreasing. I have more than 4 other friends who want to play, I miss the diablo 2 days where you could have parties of 8 people.

If Last Epoch had party size of 8 or more it would be the ultimate diablo 2 replacement

I guess lineage eternal Project TL may end up being the only diablo 2 replacement with its larger party size when it comes out next year.

I’ve posted about party size here:

It’s not really a matter of technology; though admittedly larger group sizes could adversely impact performance, as well as contributing to the sense that there’s too many minions / AoE effects to see what’s going on.

It’s primarily a design decision. Larger groups are much more efficient. Having the game not adequately scaling in response leads to the game being easy, or even boring. Having it scale in the wrong way can lead to the feeling that the game is unfair. I’ve elaborated on some of these concerns in the post linked to above.

As this thread pertains to our previous forum, I’m going to lock it to prevent confusion.

Please feel free to create new threads to talk about our current forum!