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There is one single change, that I want to see happen as SOON as possible, and it's really very simple:

Close the dialogue box when I hit enter after typing something in chat. Don’t keep that dialogue box open for me to type “qwqwerrqweeqwerrqrrrreqwqweqwrrreqwe111111111111111111111111” into while I die.



That last line actually made me laugh. Not because I think you’re silly or anything, but b/c I’ve done that so many times. Maybe even died once b/c of it.
I think that even though I agree that it should be that way I know there will be others that think the other way since chat is a lot of what they like about these games.

Haha, oh it’s definitely killed me. Guess what inspired this post?

If the dialogue box closing after a message is sent wasn’t the absolute norm among games of all kinds, I wouldn’t be opposed, however all it’s going to do is create a habit of double tapping enter after a submission, which will just create this problem in other games we play that don’t have this issue.

There is no reason to not be able to double tap enter if you wish to submit another line. There is a spam-prevention delay anyway, so no matter how many tenths of a second it may save you, it saves you nothing at all in reality.

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This makes me nuts.

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