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There are no thrilling awesome builds at current state of game YET

Hi all. I’ve been really exited about this game and it’s potential.
Eventhough I know it’s still much to be done I find it quite not so thrilling to make very good builds apart from the ones made by @boardman21 and few others.
I have lvled 4 characthers (90-94) following guides and got myself a Lightning Sorceress, an EQ Druid, A Hammerdin and a Multishot Marksman.
I can tell I have plenty of fun running through maps but I still find it hard to go further or even starting lvling new builds. I am running lvl 100 Monoliths and being reasonably well succeded going forward onto the depths of end game. However, items and skills sinergy have a lot to be developed yet. Hope we see a Top of Art game in a not too distant future.
Thanks for all Last Epoch team and players who are contiuinly contributing to this promising game.
Have a good one. Cheers!
I am a 34 yo brazilian player btw.

I absolutely agree that there’s a lack of interesting set effects and that some skills have trees which lack creative node effects. Though I have some hope for the future seeing as Rogue is the most recent character and all her skill trees are very well put together.

However I find it odd that you’re voicing this as a complaint when you have no apparent interest in making your own builds. It’s fine if you want to play the game that way, but it’s weird to imagine someone that just follows builds to care about the creation of builds.

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You are right. I am a lazy ass build maker. However, even if I would to try a diferent build I would’nt know ecaxtly which Affixes would affect the dps / def. There could be at least some direct info; i.e. when you are making your loot filter, you don’t know for sure which Affix will contain on each item which doesn’t facilitate choosing Affixes for each part of your gear hence the skills that would take advantage of it. In my opinion it is still not efficient enough to go out and choose a skill and persue it while building a character class.

Please help me understand your argument here, are you saying that the Loot Filter isn’t powerful enough to help filter usable items for a build you might have in mind? I assure you that the loot filter can filter out gear you don’t want and filter gear with specific affixes and even emphasize them for you (or hide them, whichever effect you’re going for).

Every skill in the game is tagged with what will scale it. Each affix clearly states what it does for your character – If you have a +10% increased fire damage affix, then all fire damage you do will be increased by that amount. If you search the forums there are plenty of examples showing you how this works.

The great thing about LE is that you get to decide what defenses you want to use (though, admittedly, some are better for one class than another).

All of this information is readily available, and is in the game guide. I’d suggest looking there and asking questions here and try creating your own build yourself.

Also, I’ll point you to Last Epoch Build Planner . There you can try to mock up a build you’d like to try, search the item database and even create what you think would be optimal for each piece of gear you’ll equip (you choose affixes).

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I have the exact opposite feeling.
I love trying to create new builds, experimenting, etc. And I often get bored in Monoliths because I can’t really stick to a hero for long, I “need” to switch to another hero and create another build.
Most of my builds fail (I mean, don’t go further than one or two timelines), but I still find my fun experimenting, testing, etc.

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I couldn’t agree more to every word you wrote. However, what I mean is; let’s say I want the loot filter to point me which Affixes are avaiable on a helm (you can’t get +1 skill level on a glove for example). I’m sorry if I’m not being clear enough but i believe It could be more precise and I would add some UI quality of life as when you are building your own loot filter and you finish chosing to recolour and emphasize I wanna go straight and write down the key words I’m looking for and when typing any letter on my keyboard, the UI understands that I wanna open the inventory if I press “I” for instance. Got it? It’s a bit hard to explain as I am from Brazil and eventhough my english is good enough I still lack a bit of technical vocabulary. And I am still beginig to learn how to handle things and by following build guides is a good way for me. That’s why I won’t be trying anything fancy like, ok let’s say I being an Accolyte and I want the best skills that scale with Necrotic / Poison damage and Damage Over Time. I can tell you that at some point I will be able to go out and try out skills like “Hungering Souls” with “Wandering Spirits” and scale it as much as I can. By the way, thanks for being so kind as to provide me with rich feedback and embracing me in the community.

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