Theorycrafting Cold DoT Totem Shaman, questions abt Skill Choices

going to make a Cold DoT Totem build, using the Summon Storm Totem with the “Blizzard” node as the main skill,
while using other skills to provide buffs to Storm Totem / debuffs on enemies.
I’m now Lvl 70 sth and I think it is doing quite well.

So first of all, does it have the potential to be a “build”?

What would be the recommended defensing mechanism as a Totem Shaman? HP pool, Block, Dodge or sth else?

Is Eterra’s Blessing a good choice to use it as a damage buff to Summon Storm Totem?
Was attracted by the “100% increased damage” skill explanation.

Questions about the skill 'Warcry" :
The node “Frost Claw” claims that “You and allies affected by Warcry deal increased cold damage for 4 seconds.”
What does “affected” mean here? Being covered by the area of Warcry?
To my understanding Warcry cannot “affect” “You and allies” unless investing to specific node(s),
so for exmaple do I need to first invest to “Juggernaut” to have Warcry applies affect to me, therefore can enjoy the buff from “Frost Claw”?
Does the “Frost Claw” buff applies the same way if I use “Totemic Heart” ?

Questions about the skill “Summon Spriggan” :
Does the constant heal aura share the same radius as its active skill “Rejuvenating Wind”?
If not, how big is it?

Can the constant heal aura (and other buffs, such as adaptive spell damage) stacks if I have two Spriggans? ( from “Spriggan Form” “Friend of the Forest”)

About “Spriggan Form”
If I have “Spiked Totems” in “Spriggan Form” and Ice-converted “Summon Thorn Totem” with “Rotten Core”,
can I spam “Summon Heal Totem” to summon and unsummon them repeatedly to produce lots of ice vortex?
Cuz it looks like no cost is needed to summon heal totem while in Spriggan Form.

Thank you for your time.

It can, but is very gear dependent and needs as much + to totem damage as possible this is a balancing act to get the right combination.

I do not, due to the mana cost on a mana starved build if you are using things like Ice Branch and Unbound Garden in the Spriggan form tree. I ALWAYS use the HEAL to THORN for damage the summon spriggan active burst is not sufficient in higher content (IMO),

Yes, that is the core of the poison version of the build is to create icy poison totem bombs that heal and explode and freeze anything that survives.

Thank you for your kind reply! :smiley:


I had messed around with this for a while. It is fun and viable, but I never pushed endgame with it.

If you are focusing on frostbite, I would look in a few areas as scaling just storm totem won’t be enough to stack up frostbite.

Warcry totem is a must, as it can burst 30 stacks of frostbite (15 per pump) and it buffs you and your other totems/companions.

Upheaval is interesting as you can load it with bleed stacks using a 2H axe and convert to cold to make them frostbite as well and you can get up to three of these totems out st oncr

Storm crows can also provide frostbite as a nice companion add and armor shred if you use a hit spell for your fifth slot. Plus you can potentially increase the amount of companions you have through items allowing for more crows and more frostbite.

I’m at work atm and have limited access to tools, but I’ll be in the discord later if you want to talk about it. Currently trying a full totem/companion/minion build.

So I’m currently messing with a similar build while using maelstrom cast in totems. May hit you up in discord to discuss.