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Theoricraft Lich sacrefiser

Hi. Nid critic for build Lich - sacrefiser lou life.

Quick question… why Lich and not Necro?
I don’t say it’s a bad choice (I do love Lich), but I’d like to understand your thoughts behind the decision.

Sacrifice have main tag - spell. Lich batter mage. Lich have much more spell damage + physical penetration.

Interesting. So you’re permanently summoning Skeletons then killing them with Sacrifice.
Do you focus on big packs and bosses, or try to kill everything? It looks like it could be efficient but have relatively low DPS, but you should have rather good sustain with Leech.

In theory this build killing everything, but character in etap leveling. Heve big problem with mana sustein and low dps sacrefise skill. It is possible that this problem will disappear in the future.

I’d probably remove the 2 points out of Last Sacrifice & put them in Punishment, since it’s fairly easy to get mobs bleeding (if you have a melee weapon equiped such as a Rune Dagger).