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The Zoomer 2.0 - Last Epoch Build Guide - Patch 0.7.8c

Hey everyone this is Thyworm with the first of a bunch of revisited build guides, because since 0.7.8 everything was changed. Today we’ll take another look at the ultimate monolith runner, The Zoomer. If you are enjoying Last Epoch content, consider subscribing.

I am assuming that you watched the original build guide. You should, if you haven’t. If you go into this update without context, it may be hard to follow. Just a friendly heads up.


If you followed the previous build and logged in to patch 0.7.8, you will now face some challenges. Most of all, mana regeneration. We are solving that in the gear section. A bunch of passives got changed around as well, with for example sky armor no longer giving movement speed. We will be addressing these challenges.

Let’s start with the build philosophy.

[build philosophy]

The whole point of this build is to do damage, be fast and help you guys farm the monolith for all those new gear pieces, so you can deck out your other characters. As soon as I figure out what some of my other builds need, I just hop on this guy and farm. I went 32 consecutive monoliths so far. It’s still not an arena build by the way.

The build uses 3 skills on autocast, for that sweet quality of life. Storm totem, avalanche and Maelstrom are all autocasted. It does leave your character moving and stopping to cast quite often, but that’s worth it in my opinion.

Previously, the build philosophy was different, with attunement not playing a big role and neither did elemental protection. This has changed, however. Keep watching to find out why.


The Wishlist, a new section in the guide, was requested via my stream. You can find me on, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday 8PM CET. So, what do you really need for this build to work?

Mainly, attunement, mana regen, mana and some elemental and cold damage. Attunement scales with all our abilities and it gives elemental protections, which are very useful in this build. Mana regen and mana help you sustain, and you need a bit of damage of course.


Passives changed a lot, let’s take a look.

Take 8/8 natural attunement, which has become a better node, because it scales and provides elemental protection. Take 2/8 Tempestborn. Then, 6/6 Wisdom of the Wild, for some spell damage, and finally 4/5 Thorn bond, for 16% increased damage which is doubled when you have an active minion. This is always, so this is a 32% damage increase.

You go spend points in Shaman next, which mastery gives you double elemental protections when totems are active, which is important. I have a few more points than last time, as we’re 85 by now. Take Shamanic Infusion, 8/8, once again for attunement and ele prot. Take 2/8 silent protector, for some more protection. Then, 10/10 Wind Bringer, for cold and phys damage, plus dodge. Really nice node, as all our spells are cold or physical damage, or both. You complete that chain with 5/5 shattered heavens, for added cold damage. That’s big, because this is added to the base damage of the spell, and then all the increased damage applies to this.

We take Earthern Supremacy, more attunement. Then, for some movement speed, we take 5/5 ancestral speed, giving us a 35% chance to cast haste whenever we summon a totem. And we summon a lot of totems, so once you start killing enemies, this is up most of the time as it lasts 3 seconds. Take 8/8 Rune of Awe, because that’s a lot of added damage. Take 5/5 protective circle, which was nerfed, but is still very much worth it with 6 totems up most of the time, for 150 protections across the board. 8/8 elemental Shrine is vital, attunement and mana regen are exactly what we want. Take 6/6 Swirling Maelstrom, for mana, health, but also because we need to cast 6 maelstroms to receive the bonus movement speed, and this helps you do that. I took 6/8 points in Ascendant circle, because honestly, I don’t need damage anymore for farming the monolith, so I began starting investing some more points in defence.

The druid tree has a very good node for our build, 8/8 Soul’s Attendant. And I started to go into Beastmaster, to make my way to aspect of the boar, for damage reduction.

Skills are up next

[skill specialization]

Some skills changed, but mostly they remained the same. So I partially refer you to a section in my previous build guide for this, as I would be literally repeating myself. It’s in the description down below.

Maelstrom & Avalanche are exactly the same as before.

With Ice Thorns, I still made it cast when hit, in the bottom right, but got rid of the defences on the bottom left. Instead, I went damage. 2/5 Cold prison for base damage, 5/5 piercing cold for more base damage and piercing ice thorns which is great, 4/4 farwood heart for the buff is still there, like last time.

Thorn Totems changed slightly. The north part is still making sure we cast 5 totems at once which last a while. And then we went west, with 2/4 ancient power and 3/3 impale for damage. 5/5 oaken protection is pretty big, as we want these things to last for the synergy. Give em homing while you’re at it and I took one spare point and put it in Frenetic Attunement.

My previous build had tornado, but now we take Storm Totem. It provides movement speed and lightning resistance, which are very important.

Take 4/4 limited resistance, because you need this skill to be cheap. Then 3/3 static field for shock chance, 4/4 stormrider, which has the totem provide you movement speed, 40%, when it shocks an enemy. And then 4/4 lightning raider, increasing the totem cast speed, making it shock even more. ¾ Steel plating gives it a bit of health and finally, very important, 2/2 shielding totem, for 400 lightning protection.

Time to look at the gear.


This is where we solve most of our issues, using 2 very obtainable unique items. Urzil’s Pride is a big one. It drops all over the place. It used to give mana regen per 100 armor, but now provides mana regen per 100 lightning protection, and we have a lot of that. I have about 2000 lightning protection with totems up. That’s 20% mana regen. Another unique, Orchirian’s petals, a guaranteed drop from one of the time rifts, provides great stats for our build as well, but mostly, mana regen. A 15% mana efficiency amulet is also required. And take a staff that reduces spell mana cost by 3.

And the rest of my gear is really quite bad. I will link the tunklabs in the description below so you can check that out, but my gear is horrible. Which is amazing, because with this gear I’m farming and I simply don’t need better gear. My staff has 161% increased fire damage, I have a level 27 ring,

Once again, link to everything in the Tunklabs.


Check the original video.

Finally, the play style during end game

[play style]

The playstyle hasn’t changed at all. It’s exactly the same.

Let me know how you like this update. I hope it helped you out. Thanks for watching and making it to the end. See you all soon! Bye bye.


Very nice build. The Maelstorm aspect of this is really nice once you get your mana under control. I’ve been leveling one of these and putting my own unique spins on stuff, like I’m not a fan of two-handers (and it’s purely an aesthetic reason) so I decided to run with Frozen Ire and an off-hand. Have not settled on a great off-hand yet so am currently using close call for the dodge bonus.

Question, what are you running with your idols?

cold damage, I have around 200% cold damage. Spell damage is fine too, or cold damage per totem, as you usually have 6 of those. It’s all sort of the same. And very important, the cast thorn totem when hitting enemies. That one is crucial.

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Thanks for the quick response.

This actually brings up another question I had. Since we have the nodes that cast all 5 at one time in a ring, do the totem fixes or the nodes that say “cast a totem on % chance to hit” work? Or more aptly HOW do they work. Do you get like a single extra totem so if I cast my ring of them and then my token process go off does it add a sixth one? Is it part of the ring now or all by itself?

Edit: And man is this thing fast. I’ve at level 45 right now and breezing through the content of campaign. Looking forward to using this to farm Monoliths.

that idol summons all 5. It just casts the skill and uses any specialization you have on that skill. This is true in general by the, except for minions. Skills used by minions (rip blood by blood golem) don’t usually use the skill trees.

200 hundred hours into the game and this just blew my mind. :smiley: It’s probably fairly obvious to some but I play a lot of Grim Dawn still and skills on gear pieces use a generic version of the skill. Thanks for pointing this out. Makes certain things about the build much clearer.

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So i tried this build out and everything makes lots of sense except 5/5 Winter Buildup for Avalanche.
What was the reason why this was choosen?

The mana saves (not even 10% cost reduction) is imho not really worth it especialy since we cast this spell really only on the bosses.

We could put another point in Unyielding Storm which makes it last 15% longer and therefore makes the mana use more efficient and the rest of the points could go into Harsh Winter and Grounding for an additional 55% increase damage.

I was curious if you remember which time rift drops the petals? dont seem to have picked one up yet from leveling characters.

I’m autocasting Avalanche, so i prefer the mana reduction, so i have just enough mana to autocast everything and I don’t have to think about it. You can definitely change that node if you’re manually casting avalanche.

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Rust Lands Imperial Era into the Verdant Lakes, i think.

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I almost asked this same question but I hadn’t yet maxed things out. Once I did with everything going off I realized that 5 extra points does add up a bit over time. Cast Avalanche every four of five seconds and you’re saving roughly 1 extra free cast every minute. It certainly isn’t going to break things if you spec it somewhere else but running at higher MoF levels I’ve needed to cast Avalanche more often and this seems to help ease the mana drain.

With permanent haste from 6+ stacks of Maelstrom, the haste from the Ancestral Speed node does nothing. Is it still worth taking for the totem cast speed? I’m thinking of shooting for the healing totem in Druid- a 7th totem would provide a significant boost to both offense and defense.

Why doesn’t this build work in Arena? o.O

You can use it in arena…
But this is mainly a fast low - mid lvl monolith running build, which focusses on 1 thing: speed.

Arena (late arena) is all about survival (granted being fast can help in some cases).
I have tried this build and it’s fun zooming arround as high speeds in 5-25 monoliths

If you go beyond, chances become fairly high that some mob will 1-shot you.

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Because there is not enough room in the arena to zoom zoom, which is your primary defence.

You need to drop some speed and get other defensive layers for this to work in the arena.

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