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The weekend approaches! Let's put our feet up and talk QoL

Hey Travelers,

Throughout the development of Last Epoch, we’ve been trying to remember the small while working on the big. In March we released the Arena - a whole new game mode. This month we’ll be giving you the Void Knight - the third class to be added to the game.

However, as we all know - sometimes it’s the little things. We’ve been working on quick move; the ability to hold down shift and right-click on an item to transfer it from your inventory to your stash - or vice versa. We’ve heard from a lot of you that you’d like to have this - and it’s on the way! There’s also other QoL fixes planned, such as an autosort button for the inventory. This will likely to be quite simple initially, and gradually iterated on as we find time to improve it.

Which other Quality of Life fixes would you like to see?

auto sort tease

Oh thank god! Was going insane drag and dropping items between each

The sort function is still a work in progress. It’s actually a fix for the ghosting items in disguise. It just puts the items in the order that they were added to your inventory as compact to the left as possible. It will do a proper sort soon. Still useful to some degree for now.

What about town portal? Will it stay open in town and allow us to port back to it’s original location?

That’s planned for the future - no ETA however.

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