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The War Minion - Warpath Minion Build

This is a very tanky build with maximized block and a lot of Healing on Block. It uses Warpath to generate Forged Weapons, along with a Manifest Armor to deal damage.

Video - Mono Gameplay (non-empowered) w/ Build Commentary

Build Planner

Skill Breakdown

  • Warpath: Adds 20% block chance while spinning (brings me to 82% at the moment) and generates Forged Weapons every ~3 seconds or so.
  • Forge Strike: all nodes to boost Forged Weapons, plus a little Ward on Forged Weapon creation. Not placed on hotbar.
  • Manifest Armor: just a tanky extra minion, stun-immune and slows when hit.
  • Volatile Reversal: Set up to debuff monsters to take 30% more damage and DoT damage for 4 seconds. Costs 0.
  • Shield Bash: Set up for max stun, a tiny heal, a temporary block boost, and inflict slow. Also costs 0.
  • Any extra skill can go on hotbar - I used Rebuke for emergencies. Be aware that you have no mana regen while Warpathing, so be wary of skills which cost mana.


  • Nothing is absolutely essential.
  • The chest is nice to generate extra weapons at the start of Monos, and it’s base armor is really high for the Manifest Armor node ‘Force of Impact’ (adds flat damage based on your armor on chest).
  • The ring is nice to keep minions alive by giving them leech and crit immunity.
  • If you have one, you could upgrade shield to the super rare unique Bastion of Honor

Check out my other builds here: Builds created by Zaodon - Last Epoch Builds

I’ve reached Empowered Monos now, so made a quick video of two runs:

This is the actual build/gear I have in the above video (as of level 90): Forge Guard, Level 90 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Clever, I like it.
Might try something similar one day when I go back to Forge Guard.
Great job! :+1:

(How about Lunge on the bar to close gap with range monsters?)

You could use Lunge if you like, but:
a) it does cost mana
b) I have no real desire to engage monsters myself since I do very low DPS - I need time for minions to do the killing, so dashing away makes them stop attacking their target and follow me, and I don’t want that.

Here is empowered Rahyeh:

I am really liking your build so far and it is easy to start and work through from a new character to the monoliths. I do have one question so far and I just hit my 50’s. We are using Hammer and Anvil on the Sentinel path but I don’t see any skills that we use having any tags which say Throwing. How are we making use of this node?

That’s the entire idea. You’re in Anvil stance, meaning you deal 25% less damage (who cares, your Forged Weapons/Manifest Armor do all the damage) and take 25% less damage (BOOYAH!). You never throw a weapon to swap stances. It’s 11 points of investment, but its a permanent, universal 25% less damage mod, so for me it was worth it.

AHHHH! Brilliant! Thank you!

Ok this is weird enough for me try I luckily have the unique and set item so I think this will be fun

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