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The top 5 ladder pushes of all time. A remembrance to 2020

Hey Everyone!

Remember when these builds ruled supreme?!

Here the top 5 builds from 2020.

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I’m surprised you didn’t go with this build, it used to be able to one-shot the dragon emperor…

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Multiple builds have 1 shot the emporer, but there were well rounded build. this list contains the top 5 highers ladders pushers, not necessary the top 5 highest DPS builds. :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s not what the thread title says though. Just “top 5 builds of all time”…

i can fix that :slight_smile:

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That’s much better, much less click-baity…


wheres that Manifest Armor build

i dont recall manifest armor every being a top ladder pusher lol. Show me :slight_smile:

hahaha yeah i will never forget this moment lol

Not about ladder pushes - I posted a few weeks ago for you to make a Manifest Armor build and im still waiting to see one

Theres a spectrum of balance one is being overpowered the other is being unplayable because its so useless and imo Manifest Armor is in the unplayable category so I want to see what you can come up with, with infinite money and a level 100 character because if you cannot make a functional build with it then the skill needs to be heavily reworked

ah i see. ill take a gander at it.

The only way I could see it working and I tried it - is using Damage reflection Idols, getting the passives from Armor/Shield so he has your gear and rolling reflect on it, but he dies constantly you need to heal him but I play on a controller and cant target minions with Smite so it was awkward and got annoyed and gave up

Did you try Healing Hand instead of Smite? It doesn’t have a skill tree but you can heal minions directly with it (though it’s a ground target AoE).

Nah didnt try, infact I dont even know what skill you are referring to

I was playing a Forge Guard as I didnt have one, attempted Manifest and got nowhere, switched to Smelters Wrath and never looked back.

Smelters Wrath is actually pretty underrated skill - its the only skill in the game that Juggernaut Stance has real value on as apart from the movement penalty - and using Gamblers Fallacy for 100% crit, also Smelters has no attack speed scaling which Juggernaut takes away - you get 50%? more armor and take 15%? less damage, what that generally means is a pack of mobs after they hit you about 20 times you start taking no damage due to the Forge Guard passive and very little anyway - Smelters Wrath has screenwide AoE and with 100% crit pretty much one shots everything but a Siege Golem/Marsh Beetle/Covenant mini boss type mobs - its not bad for monolithing but feels awful against timeline bosses - you are allowed 1 giant hit, then every hit tickles them

Regarding Manifest Armor, Forge Guard doesnt seem good at all to make a functioning minion build. ive also tried Forge Strike and it needs real help - the fact Rogue exists compared to this is like watching a MMA athlete fight an unfit guy whos just come out of a coma. its not pretty

Healing Hand is the bottom Paladin skill.