The Runestone node causes the first rune to be seemingly random

When casting Runebolt with the specialization node “Runestone” allocated the first cast in the sequence will generate a seemingly random rune.

That is, the cast that spawns the runestone seems to generate a random rune rather than specifically a fire rune.

this can result in a rune sequence of LLC or CLC rather than the default FLC.

Additional casts while the runestone is active will follow the standard FLC rune sequence.

Did you swap any elements of the rune bolt casts?
I half recind this question. Since i guess your LLC and CLC example are all runestone procs?

I swapped fire and cold to lightning. The runestone seems to still have the FLC cycle even though I am all lighting which should be LLL. Resulting for example in the following (Caps are runestone procs):

F l l l l C l l l l L l l l l F l l F l C F L C l l l l L l l l l F…

The difference in lower case l’s indicates different cast timings.
if you changed elements. It could seem random since the cycle isn’t obvious on non runestone casts.

My question would be if this behaviour is intentional. It kinda annoys me since I want a reliable L proc.

I actually respeced out of lightning. My cycle seems fine. Aka:

F l c f l c f L c …

But the “imbued runestone” doesn’t create a rune after consuming the 3 runes resulting in a cycle skip (the - is the imbued runstone proc):

F l c - l c f L c f l c f - …

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