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The Ruined College - teleported through doors before opening

What went wrong: Started new character - Acolyte Necro. Entered Ruined Collage -first visit before time travel. Transplanted to the doors to talk to guard and after he told me that doors are blocked I noticed that im behind doors (pushed by minions when Transplant maybe?). My minions stayed outside. I was able to kill monsters upstairs and got loot. Doors still closed.

[Log File] Player-prev.log (107.0 KB)

Screenshots :

Welcome to the forums.

Yeah, this is a common problem with movement skills where you can end up on the wrong side of a barrier. Happens with skills in other classes like Lunge (Sentinel) and Shift (Rogue). Happens with the boss fight to get the Ice Spear (cannot recall the names), sometimes happens with the tentacle barriers when fighting Lagon.

Devs are well aware of this one so hopefully they will deal with it.

Those are a different problem to what’s happening here. This sounds more like the following