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The Rogue accepts her next hit. Coming December 4, 2020

You mean the animated new Logo?
Not sure if that’s linked to DW.

Don’t get wrong, i think rogue coming with DW is not far fetched.

My main point was not DW coming or not, but more, that we don’t know how exactly it will function. There are alot of similar games handeling DW totally different. So we have to wait and see how EHG wants to implement DW.

The ex already took that. Wasn’t a good investment in hindsight.

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Damn the new logo is really cool.

Yes the new animated logo in this video, couple with the sounds the two ‘hand of the clock’ make as they swing around sounds like swords being drawn to me. (and yes, it could simply be ‘clockwork gears’ but I like to let my imagination run away with me.) As I said, may be unintentional, but if it is it’s a pretty cool unintentional given specifically which new class is being introduced.

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that clean ass logo man. I love it. also can’t w8 to patch hits.

This is more than clear… :slight_smile:

Oh, here’s the hype train I was looking for when I saw the announcement.

Can’t wait. Been looking forward to fun dw melee builds. Falconer also sounds interesting; traps and pets are always fun. I guess we get bows and arrows now too, woo hoo!

OKay nice but with how many speciliazation available for that class after level 20?

Hot :+1:

this is probably the only character id still wanna play if my friend made it… cause hes prolly gonna go dual sword or daggers :dagger:and i just want to pick bow :bow_and_arrow: :stuck_out_tongue:

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If Falconer is not going to be implemented…then I’ll just have to wait longer before I try the class

GOOD!准备体验下新版本了。Ready to try out the new version.不过没有中文太难受了。But it’s too hard not to speak Chinese.

my body is ready

Anyone know what time the patch will be released and what time zone?

Still no. The only timeframe that we have is 4th December.

Patiently waiting from Japan…7PM here now.

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it’s only 2am on december 4th here on the west coast of the US. i’d wager you’ve got at least 12 hours until the release, but that’s just a guess.

Patiently waiting from Omsk (Russian)…4PM here now.

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Patiently waiting from Belgrade (Serbia), its 11 am here

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“Patiently” waiting in the UK doing some back-of-a-fag-packet consolidated statutory accounts for our Glorious and Beloved immediate parent company.