The problem is the interaction of the unique "vial of valatile ice" with the Acid Flask skill tree

Despite the description of the unique item “vial of valatile ice”, a question was asked in the discord chat: will acid penetration be translated into cold penetration from the Knowledge of Immunity talent. To which they answered - conversion to cold will work. I decided to try the Frostbite staking falconera build. When I knocked out a unique item, several problems/inconsistencies appeared, it seems to me.

  1. Nod “Poison pool” is converted into a cold and begins to accumulate stacks of frostbite, but the “Hydrochloric Acid” upgrade still gives Global Poison Chance In Pool. It seems to me that from a logical point of view this should not be the case.
  2. “Nods Contamination” and “Lasting Sickness” continue to provide poison buffs: Poison Resistance Shred Chance and Poison Duration, respectively. Which looks like a mistake if we take into account that the more unobvious mechanics (Poison pool and Knowledge of Immunity) receive conversion/should be converted by in cold.
  3. I would still like to know for sure whether the conversion from the item “vial of valatile ice” will affect the nod “Knowledge of Immunity”. Unfortunately, I can’t check this now, so I would like to clarify right away so as not to get upset later.

I apologize in advance that I did not compose the report based on your guide. It seemed to me that screenshots could not describe the essence of the problem better than a detailed description of thoughts about it.

UPD: Tests, it seems that the “Knowledge of Immunity” node will be converted into cold using a “vial of valatile ice”. It seems to me that this suggests that the “Lasting Sickness”, “Contamination” and “Hydrochloric acid” nodes that are not converted to cold are a bug or imperfection.

UPD 2: After playing on Falconer Frostbait acid flask with the unique item “vial of valatile ice” I can say that this is a very interesting build, which lacks support for Frostbait’s stacking chance. This will partially correct the changes I described above.

In addition, it would be great if in the “Falconry” tree the “Rending Talons” node transmitted, in addition to the chances of stacking poison and bleeding, also the chances of stacking frostbyte (for other builds - ignite). The rogue does not have many options for stacking these ailments, despite the fact that the skill tree/unique items provide the opportunity to develop in these directions.

yeah the vial of volatile ice is too hard to work with as most of the skills work with poison damage and pen, makes you want to just go pure poison to make it scale dmg better.

For item #2, could you detail on how to replicate your test? I’m interested to test it as well since I want to try Volatile Ice too.

The test is quite simple.
1.Contamination: continues to hang stacks of poison shraud even with Vial of Valatile Ice in hand (this can be tracked on the manikin, just point at the icons under the health bar).
2. lasting sickness: discard the tree and take only this node at 3/3. Remove all items and throw 1 acid flask at the mannequin. The comparison will be with the duration of the armor shred stack (hangs with acid flask). Frostbite and poison stacks last 3 seconds, armor shred stacks last 4 seconds. Stacks of frostbite (with a vial equipped) will drop before stacks of armor shred, while stacks of poison (without a vial equipped) will drop around the same time as armor shred.

After re-reading my own post, I decided to give an explanation about “Hydrochloric Acid” (someone might get confused). Global poison chance converts into frostbite only for acid flask (in principle it is written in the description of Vial of Volatile Ice). For other sources, Poison pool continues to give a chance of poison from a hit. If you want to play via Explosive Trap + Acid Trap, explosions with “Explosive Trap” will stack poison, which is a bit frustrating.

UPD: After additional tests, “Hydrochloric Acid” with “vial of valatile ice” received unexpected results. 5/5 “Hydrochloric Acid” gives you a 100% global chance of poison (registered in the tooltip). Any hits other than Acid Flask give stacks of poison on the target, but Acid Flask does not stack frostbite and does not stack poison. The chance of poison is not given by acid flask even without “vial of valatile ice”. I think the problem is the incorrect operation of the node. For some reason, the global chance of poison is not given to the acid flask.