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The power invested in me. Multi hit ignite sorcerer


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what are ur skill trees and points put into?

all good , but yeah, make a video, you gotta add some sort of build guide…

looks real good!

Looks good if only it talked about the trees or what you did to make this work the way it does

you can message me directly either on here, or in discord, and I can help you

Would you mind posting the trees and any required gear on here?

sure thing, but it will take me awhile to upload details,. i’ll try to have the details made here by tomorrow afternoon hopefully.

So much fire that’s crazy ! Do you use the Calamity circlet ?

yeah, and i’m sorry but as of this current patch, this build crashes too much in monolith and arena, and I swapped fire shield to elemental nova, and put elemental nova on my teleport mixed in with meteor BIG MISTAKE.

Why was it a big mistake? I think fire elemental nova > fire shield

it was a mistake because the game keeps crashing.

Change your p
Graphics setting?

medium, with amd free sync

Just try very low amd see if it fixes it

it fixed the crashing, but not the heavy lag, and fps spikes.

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