The Nomad Camp not loading

When moving from The Wengari Fortress into The Nomad Camp the zone does not load properly you end up in the centre of an endless snowy expanse with no movement or controller input possible.

You can launch the map to escape fortunately

Restarting the game, teleport to The Wengari Fortress and then move into The Nomad Camp Zone clears the problem

Sorry about this! I’m glad restarting the game solved the issue. If you encounter any similar problems, please upload your log file.

Thanks for the report.

I had exact same issue
here is the log (44.7 KB)

Got this too.
Player.log (340.1 KB)

Hey everyone, we’ve included a fix for this in 0.7.7f. Please update the game and let us know if it helps! If you’re still having the issue please upload your log file again.

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