The multiplayer patch, my feedback

I felt it was importent if i gave my poor two cents regarding the recent update, and the things i’ve learned while playing it, it might sound condecending, but it’s not!

  1. The graphical enhancement regarding the models of the Armor and weapons is very good , and I like it - kudos.
  2. Regarding the server issue and latency I know the first few day’s ware hectic, at least in Europe - Asia, but it happens to the best of us, still kudos to the overworked developers who did their best (I’m sure of it) to fix it.
  3. I have recently learned you can no longer gamble for Unique’s and sets, and I wonder what is the logic behind it? why wouldn’t I have dreamthorn for every one of my toons in the first 20 levels or so?
  4. I would want to ask if (from what I understood is next patch) the merchant guild comes, would we need to make new toons, for them to be able to partake in the marketplace thingies?
  5. I would suggest that the Erza ledger quest will gift different Unique’s to each class?
  6. I would also humbly suggest that wings MTX would be included in the near future? maybe as an achievement?
  7. I would suggest the falconer to use a 2 handed spear? the animation of it looks really smooth and befitting for her.
  8. I would suggest an unlockable 6th class? maybe in the future… maybe a monk…
  9. The majority of the chat community in game is nice. although at times I did feel I asked a mod - or a EHG employee a question and I was ignored…repeatedly, and when I asked about it, I felt I was being trolled by other players for asking why was I ignored… although it did seem to me that he was responding to everyone but me… T_T
  10. I would want to conclude how the game is moving on nicely, how the bosses are mechanically different enough to make each fight memorable. Kudos, it is living to it expectations.
    Best regards.

Because they want us to play the game, not just sit at the gambler to get gear.

No, when they implement the new factions you’ll be able to join them with your existing characters (just like when they add new chapters).

Chat goes past fast at times, you were likely just missed in the flood.


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