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The math

The demo is awesome. Can’t stop playing it already. I know its pre alpha and much is going to change. I don’t know if you already seek any imput on the game mechanics etc, but in case you do:

I clearly see you don’t like multipliers with the way effective hitpoints add up. The way it works now, i think it might be a bit overdone with the health being taken in the dodge chance calculations.
Lets take my voidnight as an example:
~500 HP
~1000 armor
~800 elemental resist (lets call this 1000 too, to not have to differentiate)
-300 dodge rating. 300 being 60% of my 500 health, it gives 38% dodge rating to make it worth 300 effective HP.

This gives me 1500 +60% = 2400 effective HP.
Now if i were to reduce my health by 200 and do nothing else, my dodge chance would go to 50% and my effective HP would become 1300+100% = 2600

Basically less health = more defence. And that is not even taking into account that with less life, your health regen also becomes better. I haven’t yet tried to see what incoming attacks do physical vs magic attack and if i can dodge magic attacks. If i can’t dodge magic attacks it would be somewhat more balanced although no matter how you turn it, if you don’t have multipliers on your health pool, it loses so much significance that it is very easy to make it overly attractive to not stat any health or like now, even actively seek to minimize it.

I personally don’t mind it being like this because ill figure it out and ill optimize my character, but i kinda had the feeling that this is not the way you wanted it to be. And maybe it comes down to the fact that you still have a multiplier sneaking in: armor/resist * dodge chance

Instantly reminds me of the initial D3 problem with wizard; super low health pool with super fast health regen surrounded by a shield that reduces the max. damage you can take to 33% of your max health. Immortality for taking lower health was the result; and clearly not intended :slight_smile: