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The Mad Manifest (Forge Guard Throw Build 0.8.1i)

A Forge Guard Throw Build. Concept is to make your shield throw hit the manifest armor so he does a sweeping attack. He will hit like a truck with rapid attack speed (up to 130k+ crits on Dummy).

All content viable (as Level 87 with T14-15 Gear)

Gearplanner : Forge Guard, Level 87 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

NOTE : Dont use Ring of Shields actively as Shield throw will hit the shields and therefore miss the Manifest (its only specialised because of the top node in FG that has a 3% chance to cast it when hit)

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Hmm… Interesting interaction…

Looks pretty good even with the general gear you are using… Would be interesting to see what this could be capable of with more optimised gear (i.e. with some more relevant + to levels etc)…

Not sure on Smite tho… It usually needs 2 idols to proc at a decent useful rate and everything else is not spell based so imho, I am not sure its ideal… Maybe for the healing but I find Ring of Shields heals pretty well on its own…

Will have to give it a bash when my FG gets to a decent level… Got lots of throwing/minion gear just waiting from an old shield throw paladin…

Shield Throw is decent for proccing Smite with 1 idol as long as you’re just using it to keep the attack speed buff up.

Yea would be fun to see, i got almost all the relevant mods on it now tho (except the relic could use minion damage instead of physical damage), they “just” need to be T5 to be optimal.

As Llama8 said its mostly to keep attack speed up and a bit of heals, however its not a bad idea to use 2 of them to proc more healing as we dont really use Ring of shields because unfortunately the shield throw will hit the shields and therefore often miss the Manifest (and you get dizzy with all that bouncing :flushed:). Reason its specialized is becasue of the top node in FG that has a 3% chance to cast it when hit, and it can give a bit of healing if procced when swarmed.

Hope you enjoy, and give a shout if you find anything that can be improved :wink:

I am rolling a FG especially to test this out :slight_smile:

What prefix/suffix would you change on items displayed in your gearplanner ? I mean what would be the most optimal combination ?

There arent really any affixes i would change (except for the minion damage on relic instead of phys damage). The type of melee skill levels on helm/armor doesnt matter as long as theyre melee damage. The suffixes can vary a bit but it will depend on what blessings you get in the monos, (for the blessings i got the suffixes fits me well).

EDIT : the cold res on the ring and the lightning res on the relic would be better off with all elemental res instead, and maybe try to get the crit avoidance suffixes higher, or replace another suffix with it so you can get crit immune. (imo its not vital to get crit immune, as ive done empowered without, but it sure is a good thing to have)

Hmm… Messing around a little with this…

When I chose the Manifest Inspiration Node, with Ring of Shields running, the ricochets show the same sweeping animation on the RoS shields… still trying to see if its causing damage to mobs but it defintiely looks to me like the same animation on the Mainfest armour is repeating on the shields…

Do you see the same thing?

Yes unfortunately they hit the shields, but by not actively casting them we can have Sigils on auto cast and make them be up 100% of the time.

Quoted from earlier :

That’s a known issue.

Great build CUJO. One questions is how are you still throwing shields with depleted mana? I can’t throw when i’m negative mana. What am I missing? Lvl 88 atm

Thanks, you need to bring down mana cost of shield throw to 0. Its done by putting 5 points into shield throw´s “polished steel” node, and a prefix on ring with -3 throwing mana cost.

Thx man!

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I was playing around with this a bit on SSF leveling up with Manifest armor and Shield throw. I did notice that shield throw is actually triggering the sweep on manifest weapons as well. Seems like this is a bug since the node on Shield throw specifically says manifest armor.

But when you have a full group of weapons and your armor and you spam shield throw the bosses just evaporate! Seems fun but not sure how it scales right now only in my 60s

Yea i noticed that too when i used the sunforged armor and had a forged weapon spawn, but as you say its probably a bug.
Also if using Forge Strike to spawn the weapons it will be hard to have mana to keep full sigils up all the time while casting Forge Strike, and alot of the throws would also miss the Manifest which does considerably more damage than the weapons.
In earlier levels it might be viable, but imo late game we need to have max sigils up all the time as that is a big part of our defense(and damage) since we cant really use Ring of Shields.

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