The Lotus Hall: map too large and dispersive (Quest "The Ruined Temple")

I think it’s better to reduce the size and reduce the number of mobs in it.
The quest “The Ruined Temple” is one of the longest and most boring in the game.

What is the purpose?
It’s better to fight against a boss more harder and more challenging than having this quest in this way.

It doesn’t make sense that this area is so damned big, confusing, and with an absurd amount of mobs.
It looks like a Monolith dungeon!

I’ve leveled up 4 levels in this area and I cannot skip everything, many mobs do a lot of damage and follow me.
So I must to kill them and I waste a lot of time.

EDIT: To confirm what I’m saying I killed the boss in less than 2 minutes :joy:

Pro Tip: Use the Waypoints to avoid a lot of repeat in this area.

I don’t think the length is necessarily the main issue here, but i do agree that this zone is boring. If every room didn’t look so similar maybe it would be better? Some visual highlights could go a long way. From what i remember it’s basicly:
-Big female statue, Eterra?
-Bloody room
-Cat walk
-Orb room
Repeat this twice.

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