So, we all know this games got great QoL stuff, but we ALSO all know that not all of it is in yet. Since I know the devs are busy and have been since they finally merged multiplayer, i’m just going to make a list of all the little things that people have been asking for.

NOTE- THIS IS FOR LITTLE THINGS, NOT FOR THINGS LIKE “missing classes” or “trade when?” POSTS. THERE ARE SEPARATE TOPICS FOR THOSE. Other than that feel free to chime in with the small QoL improvements you’re looking for

  1. Character Screen Overhaul
  2. Auto Compare Offhand/second ring
  3. Respec all button
  4. Town portal “Bug” fix
  5. Additional Rogue skills
  6. Healing hands specialization tree
  7. Numbers Displayed on skills on cooldown
  8. Better Minion Window
  9. Additional Guide page for Weavers Will
  10. Additional Guide page for Damage conversion
  11. Additional Guide Page for Minions (with explanations for how damage is calculated and minions are/are not affected by player stats)
  12. Elemental Conversion for subskills (i.e. Void Smites fissure converting to Void Damage)
  13. The return of the in-game Clock

Some of those on your list the devs may not consider “small” :grinning: so I will chime in with a few not so small :upside_down_face:

  1. fix Lagon
  2. Town hub
  3. Start moving towards what drop rates will be like for 1.0 (right now feels off)

Not positive you included the off-hand weapon in #2 above so here it is.

2.a. Auto Compare Offhand/second weapon

You trying to steal @AndrewTilley 's job?


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Please lord.

I might be mistaken but I think thats fixed in 0.92 - read something about that somewhere.

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Please replace Lagon’s voice too with something better. :stuck_out_tongue: I really think it doesn’t fit him. Again, too muffled like that %@!%@^%#* Divine Bolt I made a post about before.

Make less than 50% of the viable builds that use end-game boss gear fire damage. (I’m being hyperbolic but it feels that way sometimes.)

Oi. This has been such a thorn for so long. He’s like the bad penny (or maybe silver dollar piece for size) that just keeps turning up. :joy: :rofl:

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I’ll add traversal skills that ‘rush’ (rampage, shield rush, surge to name a few) and some of the area issues. They mostly work great but there are a few regions where they’re still such a pain in the butt to use because of auto stops every 5 feet.


I’d like to see him reworked entirely. He’s the one boss that attacks just fast enough to kill my rogue consistently. Even Emperor of Corpses has a harder time murdering me outright than he does.

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If its the sweeping eye beam, it’s supposed to kill you.


No, it’s the last melee attack and/or one of the dumb lightning bolts or waves being in just the right spot randomly. Eye beams, no problem. Though, the way they’re telegraphed is sometimes trash because it’s hard to tell which direction they’re supposed to go given you’re moving around so much you can’t remember where you were at the time the animation triggered.


I wish they’d implement something to encourage exploration – secret areas, hidden quests or items, etc. Right now, it’s just “follow the arrow to the quest point”.


This is something I realised on my recent Titan Quest playthrough… I find myself exploring far more than with LE. In TQ there is always some arbitrary cave with a possible monster infrequent or a random group of uber mobs guarding a chest somewhere.

I hadnt realised how much it motivated me to systematically clear an area until I compared it to LE which has virtually nothing like that… chests are worthless to bother with, and there are no random uber mobs to kill for extra loot, nothing like that beyond the stock standard quests etc.

I am hoping that LE makes a plan on this because I have a feeling its a potential “low hanging fruit” that could make a disproportionaly large and positive experience in LE.


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