The Last Epoch also loses its distinction from other games

Even though it was a fraudulent build until the next patch, wasn’t the live service available after the season? I can feel that there is nothing different from POE in a game without PVP because of the crowd psychology, and we did a survey nerf. I wonder how many users will be left in the last epoch that lost that speciality in the distant future. You should know that. Do you think people who are talking about the balance will be left to play the game? No. Those who come to feel and enjoy this speciality will be left. Think carefully about it from now on. Why do you think they’re taking out stones embedded in them? You may misunderstand that they’re solid, but they’re also a shortcut to ruin them.

Nope, still feel this game is quite special, and the way they listen and the transparency of communication is awesome.

Unfortunate to see you go but we’ll stay. A lot of us.



It’s almost amusing to see people make posts like this.
If PoE was that good, you’d be playing it, not making a post on the LE forums.
I doubt, sincerely, the OP is making any games, at all.


I feel better after this changes :man_shrugging: . Time will tell what happens.

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This game has a good start, but in the 2nd monolith onwards it becomes as generic, unbalanced and boring as the terrible D3, with the factor that the gameplay here is MUCH worse.
for me they have to fix the defenses, correct the movements of the mobs and boses, (moc caste even frozen and everything is an HK, giant dragon that rotates on its own axis like a plastic doll just by mechanics) 80% of the skills need rebalancing the way they scale damage or everything will regress to what we are seeing as a goal of 1 build per class and 2 classes DOMINATING the league.
The gameplay of this game reminds me much more of a generic Korean game, those that tried to imitate D2, than a true Western ARPG, added to the Souls aspect of a shit game whose difficulty is a bad camera and a control that doesn’t obey and when you finish it there’s no no desire to start again, this gets EVEN WORSE since the game even has a system of challenges or rewards in the league.

If OP “feels” that there’s no difference between LE and POE, I suggest OP to either take an eyetest or one of those needle prick tests. Something is off with your senses.

If the only reason you enjoyed the game was because you were abusing some broken bullshit that you can no longer abuse, then you are making the right decision to move on. Ultimately the only wrong way to play a game is to not have fun, and if you’re not having fun in LE then it’s not wrong to stop playing.

That being said, everything else you’re tacking on to that is totally ridiculous, and you can just leave without telling everybody that you’re leaving.

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The ‘nerf’ that was actually a bug fix was a guarantee, it wa always going to happen.
The timing was what the survey was about.

And the fact that the survey didn’t have a question “Are you currently playing a character that uses Profane Veil - Vampiric Pool?” mean they hold as much weight to your opinion as to any others and the vast majority seemed to have disagreed with you.

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