The Keeper Vault - cant talk to guard

If you zone into the Norhthern Road for the Keeper Vault quest where the NPC gets kidnapped and return to town - the NPC will spawn at the entrance to the zone and not at the portal. You have to backtrack to retrieve him in order to progress the quest

same issues here…

WALK back towards the previous zone. Keeper Balthas gets stuck sometimes in terrain. He’s supposed to be following you. Once you’ve grabbed him, walk back to the keeper guard with him following you.

I’ve gotten 7-8 characters past this quest but now I’ve created 2 more characters and both are stuck at this part of the quest and can’t proceed. Portaled to town an back, restarted game but still nothing

Same problem here. Its occured since last patch. There is no progress no Optrix Boss appear nor chance to talk to anyone on the screen. Its stucked for some reason?!

Same problem. Restarted game, etc, waited for Balthas to arrive, nothing. No icon indicating you can interact with them besides the gold diamond above their head. Very frustrating. I’m playing on the Steam Deck in offline mode in case that matters.

Seeing how you guys have the exact same problem as me, im guessing you are also playing on controller? if you just click the quest with your mouse it actually does progress, it seems to just bug out for controller.