The Immortal Citadel is sooooo laggy I can't play, like .5 fps

I am running a Fire Necro up and just got to The Immortal Citadel and the entire zone is terrible, like .5 frames per second. I exited game. I restarted computer. I loaded into a new area and it is flawless, I return to the summit and it is bad again. I return to town and use the waypoint and still bad AND I am getting ambushed before I even load in.
I am using an MSI GE76 Raider laptop that is currently running everything maxed. I even tried dropping to lowest settings and that did nothing. I thought it was the bridge, but even as I moved away it is not getting better.
For reference I have some higher level characters in the monolith that are having no issues and this character(level 45) did not see a hiccup until this area.

Hey there…

Remember the game is in beta and has known performance issues that can be experienced even on good hardware if the settings are too high. Certain maps can also exacerbate the issue by placing more load on the game due to background effects, particle effects, draw distances over cliffs etc… Character/builds that use a lot of screenwide effects/skills with secondary procs or visuals etc can also compound the issues… Even specific gear /weapons can cause a degradation in performance in certain situations…

Laptops also have their own special sauce to boost/lower performance dynamically that can indirectly affect the Unity game engine and cause very strange issues.

Lots of possible factors here… and because your FPS rate drop is EXTREME, there has to be a combination of factors specific to your setup that is causing this - usually people will complain that they drop 20-30fps in a map… not down to half a frame a second…

Post your player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini settings file and the output of a dxdiag report (assuming you are using Windows).

Please can you also post a link to your character (use Dammits build planner for the easist way - upload on the left)

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