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The high 'common' unique drop rate cheapens the experience of a unique dropping

I’m not sure if this balancing is just temporary, but I’m finding that the ‘common’ uniques drop so often that I’m no longer excited when I hear the unique drop sound, because I know it’s probably just my 11th Vipertail or some other low level unique.

It’s mostly a product of there being very few unique items. You end up finding a lot of the same.
On the finished game there will probably be many, many more uniques, meaning you wont see duplicates too often. The rate at which A unique drops feels good rn tho.

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It’s definitely not a product of there being too few uniques. I keep getting the same low level ones over and over, but never the higher level ones.


I also have three of the items shown here equipped

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I stopped picking up the garbage tier uniques. Cba vendoring them

I just hope this game steers more toward Grim Dawn and less PoE when it comes to drops. I hate how PoE is completely based around trading.


As an example, i have a bunch of playtime in beta, almost 2 tabs of uniques and not a single exsanguinous, or that shield, or that chest armor, or that sword.
RNG is RNG. Theres not alot of uniques so if you get unlucky youll get the same ones. Sets, for example, there are only 2. Isadoras and invokers.

I agree that people seem to find the same few uniques over and over, but its different for everyone. The uniques that you complain drop alot I have only found one of but I have found x5+ of every necromancer unique and I play voidknight class. I have also found many decaying helms and snowblind helms.

Not sure what the solution will be, but as previous posters have said, tons of legendaries are missing from the game and endgame legendaries aren’t even in yet.

They should put in different range of values for each unique. For example that sword which deals 7 of each elemental damage can instead deal from 5 to 10. There will be so many different combinations which can drastically change its effectiveness and +10 of everything will be rare and rewarding.

The unique drop rates are increased during the beta, so people can try more stuff out. From what I know this will be tuned down later in the beta or at least by full release.

Perhaps a crafting recipe to turn 10 Vipertails and 10 Slabs into “something else”? :wink:

An internal “reroll” if the dropped unique would be the same than the last…5…10? you found?

You find a Vipertail.
The next Unique drop RNG resolves as another Vipertail. Game checks if your last 10 Drops contains a Vipertail. Yes it does->A new RNG roll, this time a Slab, last 10 Drops? No->Slab Drops in the game.

Grim Dawn does this with it’s Blueprints, it rerolls up to 10 times when a blueprint would drop that you already have, if the 10th drop also results in a drop you already have, I think nothing Drops.

So basically you’d have a greater Chance of finding a Unique you haven’t found recently, but you can still get duplicates (for better stats or trading). They could reroll up to three times or something, and if the third reroll still was a recent drop, drop it anyway. This should cut the duplicate finding down to 1/3 of the current Situation.


I think it would be cool if there was a sink option for some of the uniques. Imagine if there was a crafting option to convert a unique to a different base at very low chance (5%? 10%?)–it’d cause the destruction of countless uniques, but give something of value to the players.

Either that, or they should be shatterable for rare/unique mods.

I hope there will not be as many (or any? is that even possible?) common crap uniques as in other games.

What about if they sold for the shattering currency, as a way to supplement that resource?


Didn’t know GD does this, sounds good, really like that. Also you should be able to shatter them and receive something for it, right now I just sell them.

Another option could be gambling with a slim chance of another unique and shattering for shards if that doesn’t happen.

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That works too, but I think there should be a high risk/reward out of their use. Maybe they vendor for a random crafting item? I still like the idea of them shattering for rare or unique mods though, it gives them a lot of value, and will be very nice once trade is in game.

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