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The game often freezes tightly, this has never happened before

Hi, last played a year ago and everything worked perfectly on the same computer.
I decided a year later to try to play because there are a lot of new changes, and I constantly encounter the fact that the game freezes and you have to kill the process through the task manager.

I hope you are aware of this problem, because if even before the introduction of multiplayer there were such frequent freezes due to which you need to restart the game, it will be very sad on release…

Also, once my echo quest broke, I also had to restart the game, but at that time I did not dare to write a bug report.

Player.log (97.9 KB)
Player-prev.log (9.0 KB)

Welcome to the forum…

Freezing is not usual for Last Epoch and usually when it does, its able to recover on its own if its just a performance related or settings issue

Typically when people return to the game after a long period of not playing (and lots of patches between then and returning), there are usually issues with the game installation or problems with old savegames etc… Sometimes its an old gpu driver or even an old settings file.

There are some very unusual errors in your player.log - not things that show up in normal play so my guess is that your installation isnt great… Specifically there are also initialisation errors when the game tries to contact EHG servers so it could also be something like firewall/antivirus issues too.

You havent provided your settings file (le_graphicsmanager.ini) or a dxdiag report (your system info, drivers and system diagnostics etc) so all I have to go on is the player.log.

So some generic suggestions:

  1. Verify the game files via Steam - very important.

  2. Make sure your OS is patched and up to date with any optional updates relevant to your hardware updated.

  3. Makes sure your GPU driver is recent (no older than 2 to 3 months) and installed using a CLEAN installation (or via DDU)… Do not use an upgrade process as this doesnt always fix any problems

  4. Remove the settings file (le_graphicsmanager.ini) while the game is not running so that it can create a new default file when you start it again - you can then edit the settings again - be sure to keep conservative settings as pushing the game too hard can and does cause freezing so its important to keep lower settings while testing.

  5. Dont run any other applications while testing LE - dont use any Steam Overlays (disable it) or any other utilities etc - just to see if they are involved. Doesnt matter how irrelevant you may think they are.

  6. Make sure that your Windows system is not reporting any problems by opening “View Reliability History” and seeing if windows is reporting any issues that need to be dealt with… Older systems can and do present issues over time - sometimes its as simple as cleaning out dust or making sure a cooling fan isnt blocked by a cable that has come loose and causing temperature problems.

  7. If nothing above makes any difference, then while the game is not running, Backup and delete your Saves folder so that the game doesnt use any older savegames - try playing with a newly created character and see how it works. (Note you may have to temporarily disable Steam Cloud saves else it could just copy back your saves it has stored).

Failing all of that, please post newer player.logs, le_graphicsmanager.ini and a dxdiag report output.

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