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The Game from the main website and Steam

Hello Last Epoch Team,

I don’t know where can I add this topic, but please let me know if there is a place this topic can go.

I really want to get your Alpha Supported Pack to support your work, and also because I like the cosmetic and the other additions. Since the Beta us coming out, with a new pets, I want to know, if I buy the game from here (the main website) would this carry to the steam platform, or this will be separately?

Sorry for my English, is not my first language.

Please have a good day or night and week.

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It’s an excellent question and I’m wondering about it too. I’m looking forward to the answer.

Our website will allow you to link your Steam and Last Epoch accounts so that you can play through Steam if you prefer. This will become available closer to our beta release.

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Thank you.

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Thanks you.

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