The future of Heavy'z Casual Loot Filter

Hello everybody,
with the recent news about Item Factions and the approach of 1.0 release on February 21st I needed to think about how I will handle the maintenance of my Loot Filter.

For everybody that does not know what I am referring to:

I am not a trading player and I am not willing to keep up with the economy, once we have trading. And thus I will have no knowledge or expertise of what things and combinations will have good prices, worthy of getting picked up by a loot filter that is meant to be as generic and adaptable as possible.

But the amount of feedback and love I have received over the years since I started this project leave me to belive it is something worth continuing, even in a slightly inferior version that what it could be with a regularly updated versions based on the current economy.
So I have decided to keep the loot filter up to date for 1.0 and a few more updates after that. Once 1.0 is here I will observe and decide if or how long I will keep the project updated. It will all depend on the feedback, so if you have feedback I am happy to hear that.

Thank you everybody for the support and sharing of my Loot Filter so far.