The first Item Filter I create on every character is "Hide All Normal Items"

I don’t actually know what purpose they’re intended serve in the game. I never pick them up or use them for anything past the first couple of areas in the campaign, which I can only really do if it’s an alt and I already have affix shards to slap some basic stats on. They’re not good for vendoring, crafting on, or equipping, or really any purpose that I can think of.

I’m not bothered by any of this, but I am confused that they exist when you can’t really use them for anything.


I don’t know if this is a good idea, but they could double or triple the crafting potential of normal items. This could make them more useful all-around.

They could also make it a rare chance for normal items to drop with more crafting potential.

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The one use I see for normal items with limited crafting Potential is this:
You can buy a normal item from a vendor with nothing on it and craft just one or two affixes to it to T5 to merge with an LP1 or LP2 item. That way you are guaranteed to get the exact affix you want pushed into the Unique. I have done this to make a speedy pair of zoom zoom Lessons of the Metropolis boots for new toons.

I am confused. LP crafting can only be done with exalted items with four affixes.

It used to be this way, back before the crafting rework normal and magic items were the best basis to craft on because the had the equivalent of a very high crafting potential.
The new system was changed to make sure that this was not the case and that rare/exalted items were the best starting point.

You are completely correct. I must have made those boots that way and Orobyss altered my memory. Crafty little &*(@^%$@($…

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