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The Falcon: Equip Toggle Bug

I was in the Arena and at the end of a wave dropped a nice magical chest. I put it in my stash and decided before starting the next wave to see what I would lose by taking off my current chest, which is The Falcon. I quickly unequipped it and put it on my mouse. To see what my new Dodge stats would be, I attempted to open my character sheet. When I went back to my inventory to equip the chest again, something happened and suddenly I had a random shield on my mouse that I hadn’t picked up or seen before.

Upon talking in Discord about it, I checked my stash, and in the place where the previous new chest I had stashed was, The Falcon was now overlaid on top of it and unable to be interacted with. I couldn’t hover and see any stats nor could I click on it to move it. Upon logging out and back in, I was able to interact with The Flacon normally and I also could move the previous chest around normally as well. I still had the randomly created shield in my inventory, too.

This is the first bug I have encountered and I’m using Windows 10.

Output log attached.


output_log.txt (321.5 KB)

Thanks for the report! There is an error logged in the file, so hopefully we can track this down.

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