The Expert: 7 Red Lines

Best of luck to you guys, @Mike_W


Yea, that’s what I was talking about.

This would be hilarious if I hadn’t sat through too many meetings just like this in my life. :flushed:

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My exact problem. I work in IT and the amount of PMs, bosses, etc., that think I can just magically make a server do something is monumental. In their defense, I guess sometimes what I configure seems like magic.


Sorry, I’ve got to ask, why would you want to “enhance your intangible assets”? Don’t get me wrong, the corporate bullshit is awesome and makes me feel at home.

I would also comment that you can have 7 perpendicular lines as long as you’re using other dimensions.

I have also had discussions similar to that. Because audit juniors are ####wits. And sometimes audit managers.

Haha, I’ve been in that position, as an “expert”, at the end, yeah, you give in.

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