The endgame destroyer - Empowered Monolith Streak 70+ | Erasing strike + Vengeance | 0.8.1C

Monolith example

Defensive stats (in town)

Link to gear/skill/passives setup —

True melee tank
Surprisingly high damage
Insane leech
Capped resist + 100% crit avoidance

It’s quite slow without lunge off cooldown
Somewhat reliant on good gear

Quick Summary —

I’ve tried out almost every iteration of erasing strike i could think of, and imo this is the strongest variant of the skill (low mana cost high IAS mana leech

The build can facetank just about everything in the game (and this time it’s not clickbait), 400% increased dmg mods are possible in Empowered echoes 60+

Vengeance is used for defense/leech and mana regen, we get a conditional 46% less dmg taken from the skill

Block is our primary mitigation, we have 80% chance to block for around 60% less dmg taken

Dps-wise we can crit the dummy in town for 80-100k + with buffs up, damage isn’t an issue and our primary focus is defensive layers

I would stress to get a comfortable “life gained on melee hit” suffix for the axe, vengeance itself is somewhat low dmg and this mod coupled with our high IAS sustains leech through harder fights

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The build looks cool but the link only shows me your gear and stats. but not your spells or points as you say in the post.

Hey man, yea sorry i should’ve included how to view them as the button is super awkward to find on that planner. same thing happened to me the first time.

Pic included shows where you can find the skills/masteries setup.

Thank you

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