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The "Doom Reflection" Forge Guard

Video (Gameplay w/Formosus boss)


This is my attempt at a Reflect-themed build which does not take 45 minutes-an hour to kill a boss. :slight_smile: As you can tell, I’ve tried other Reflect builds which, while really tanky, took forever to kill the bosses because Boss damage isn’t fast enough to kill themselves quickly. This build resolves that by using Doom as the main damage source, and Warpath to pro-actively apply it instead of relying solely on Reflected damage alone.

Main Skills:

  • Warpath: this is set up for +20% block chance + chance to apply Time Rot
  • Volatile Reversal: this is set up to apply Time Rot and inflict targets with “+30% increased damage taken for 4 seconds” & “+60% increased damage over time taken for 4 seconds” which are both “More” modifiers. It also has plenty of Cooldown reduction, and the key here is it costs 0 mana, and is instant which means it’s usable while Warpathing with no interruption and no cost.

Supplemental skills:

  • Rebuke: just in case. It will increase mana regen and heal as well as give you some lasting buffs when it ends. Decent on Arena waves in Monos when everything just charges you in the center. :slight_smile:
  • Lunge: who doesn’t like Lunge? :slight_smile:
  • Rive: a true emergency backup which regenerates Mana. I tried all sorts of other skills but they all cost mana and ultimately interfere with Warpath. I almost never use Rive. This slot is completely changeable to anything else you like.

Just 1 more video, Lagon.

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