The Cuckoo

Both suggestion/question here.

This unique feels really lackluster to me. Maybe I’m not getting it.

I thought it was going to be another iteration of the new Exiled Sword drop (Merophage) but instead it really just feels like an ‘extra’ step Exalted with a new base type.

Kind of gimmicky without the gimmicky doing something interesting like the Merophage.

  • Why not just introduce it as a new base so it can roll and drop like any other item, or
  • Instead of LOSING all the pre/suffixes from the unique item, why not have it be sort of a reverse Merophage. When it transforms it loses so of the potency of the original pre/suffixes (like the Merophage only gains a certain amount) to become a new exalted unique?

As it is right now, I honestly can’t imagine ever using it. While the base is interesting, there is no way someone is going to give up Base Crit Chance or Ward per second catalysts bases except in what must be a very, VERY niched type build and then it’d be a nightmare anyway trying to get one to ‘transform’ with affixes that that niche builds needs.

If it kept some level of it’s affixes though, THAT would make for some interesting decisions.

What’s the problem with hte item? It’s gimmicky and I would cry if it transforms but untill then I’d have a lot of fun with it.

Seriously? or are you trolling?

I like in concept, the problem with it is its rarity imo.

if it was a common global drop, that you got a decent amount of that sort of existed as a gamble item. You get it, throw it on, it becomes crap, you go “okay go next” and repeat and eventually you get a cool one.

Alternatively, trade will be interesting with this item, even though its not very common, its probably niche enough and not rare enough that you can simply find one with stats you want. But even then, its still feels probably a bit too rare.

This is just a huge problem with catalysts in general. if its not an opulent or a crit base, it has no value/use. Cast speed ones for extremely specific builds, but even then id opt for the opulent for defensive purposes.

Cuckoo’s problems are tbqh just catalysts problems. Frey’s retreat is almost a good item, to bad its on a terrible dog base for the type of build that wants to use it.

I think it should keep its design as this highly random gamble item, just give it the ability to drop often enough to potentially let it have its niche.


That was my A) part. I can see this sure, but other than a different base it’s no different from any other catalyst so the gimmick of wearing it until it changes seems, well, gimmicky. I’ve done a half-dozen of them and the all change in the first two monolith echoes. Feels rather pointless.

I still think it could fill a more interesting avenue if it’s more ‘merophage’-esque.

Sure as always I keep another item in my stash to switch it if the item chenges but why should I not use it in the forst place? It’s a stupid design sure but I like that kind of silly stuff every now and then. I see this item as a cooldown or an overglorified pot. You use it for some time untill it breaks.

If that’s honestly the intention, than yeah, I’ve got no problems with that.

My input was more if the intention was to be something else (given Merophage dropped at the same time I thought they might just be going for something akin but different.)