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The Camera Angle, please fix

Please give us the means to adjust the camera angle (not just the zoom in and out)
Right now my character seems to sit dead center in the middle of the screen.
Games that do not give the user/player an option to adjust this orientation suffer drops from the very first 10 minutes as a result. It is awkward to the eye, neck and it is frustrating that in 2021 game developers still do not give us an option to change the orientation.

Please do something about this. You have a wonderfully polished aesthetic game, please don’t let this camera orientation ruin everyone’s hard work.

Due to an inner ear issue I can only play top down isometric style games (at best). I’ve played many of them. Some certainly have camera rotation like Grim Dawn, but the one thing they all have in common is the character in the center of the screen? Are there other variations of this? Or did I misunderstand your feedback?

Grim Dawn got it 100% right, by the way.

it used to be fine on normal/older resolutions, but with ultra wide and super ultra wide screens the central angle becomes an issue. Most games similair to Last epoch such as Diablo, Titan Quest, POE (ARPG and dungeon crawlers) were made with older screen sizes in mind, 17-27 inches. With 34,35,39, 40, 41 inch screen some will struggle.

I’m not saying all will. but some will. customization of this should be standard.

Consequently Path of Exile suffered a lot in the early days due to the same problem.

In most MMO’s camera customization is standard now, such as in FFXIV where you can see extreme differences in how people play the same game on twitch or youtube, to the point where it doesn’t even look like the same game.

I prefer to be able to see what’s ahead/on-top/incoming on my screen and less about what’s passed or what I have run by. There’s an entire 50% of my screen being dedicated towards areas I’ve already passed, or the area I’m heading towards is reduced by 50%.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why this is still a thing? the drama that occurred when path of exile was released should have been enough to make game devs everywhere take notes.

Ah. Okay, I see now. As long as it’s customizable and I can still play the old way I have no problems with this. I would, however not be able to play the game if this was the default because these different angles that are more 3rd person or 1st person-esque give me serious motion sickness.

Wolcen tried to “fix” this. They failed and ended up with fixed camera as well. POE has never changed their camera angle. They are arguably the most successful ARPG to date. I guess game devs did take note.


I really haven’t heard of people actually having “issues” with this, while it’s definitely cool to have rotation camera, it requires tremendous amounts of additional work from the dev side.

So do you want rotationg camera or maybe just an option to slightly adjust the centre point of the camera? or maybe just slightly adjsut the angle of the camera?

Success is relative and if there’s an opportunity for improvement and innovation, you take it in the real world. It is a competitive landscape and market. This is why people like yourself can enjoy games like the last epoch today, or POE. Otherwise, we would all still be playing Space invaders on Atari.

Those that survive and flourish are the ones who understand this basic concept, not just for business, but everything in life.

Points of parity and differentiation. Look it up.

Rotating camera would be the best option, but an ability to shift/pan up or down would be an adequate fix.

Well, i would be ok with this unless it becomes mandatory to change camera angles as i have never seen reason to move my camera in any arpg and i’d hate having to do so.

having a rotating camera angle can also lead to cheesing around the balance. in grim dawns shattered realm boss-rooms there was the possibility to abuse camera angle to just pull aggro on certain bosses, which lead to more developer time needs to be dedicated to fix this instead of bringing even MOAR content.
there is a reason for diablo 2 has fixed camera angle/ no rotation and a max screen-resolution even after so many years.
also the links you provided don’t really support the statement of a ‘big drama’ with poe’s camera angle/ rotation. i wasn’t around at poe’s launch, so i can’t comment on this further.

the angle from which the camera is pointed towards the scene can be diffrent in diffrent isometric ARPGs but if the game is built around this, -imho- it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

I was at launch. There was no drama. So I dont know what OP was smoking.

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Is that “no drama” from a PoE perspective (ie, “ohes noes, mah favoroot skill has been nerfed by 0.001%! TEH HORRORZ!”), or “no drama” from the perspective of a normal person?

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While I can understand that there’s a demand for rotating camera, this point shouldn’t be made bigger than it really is. This is a nice to have feature. But this will not decide if LE becomes a successful game or not.

There are way more important things than the camera angle. If it was unplayable in it’s current state, ok. But this is not the case for the vast majority of the player base.

The suggestion is something I absolutely go with. But don’t make it an “if you don’t do this, game will fail” thing. This is ridiculous.

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@WAST3S: There is always going to be manipulation of mechanics and exploits of features in games. Its just a reality when anything involves people and while it should be taken into consideration when implementing any changes, the fact that some people will find exploits shouldn’t be a deterent to offer an improved feature. besides, they can work around that so that it isn’t the case in this situation, if it becomes one in the first place.

@JERLE there was plenty of drama at launch of POE. Not just about the camera angle. So much so that they actually looked into if it was possible to add a feature, but determined it was not feasible with the resources they had at the time. If it was not an issue, they would have never addressed it.

I was also there and I was in the industry working for ubisoft at the time and have worked for Square Enix.

Llama8: world of difference between a game’s interface and actual game mechanics and job ballance issues. Its a lot more nuanced than that. Any “normal” person would understand the difference. On a sidenote, nothing wrong with drama from job nerfs. But this topic is more about the UI and user experience and how it needs to be optimized. but thanks for trying to contribute.

RawSuicide: Its a game, comprised of several different elements that offer a collective experience. Not one single feature will be a “make-or-break” factor, but collectively things pile up and you either get a net positive experience or net negative experience.

There are a few other things I can say about the game that need improvement, for example the zones are very small. But this topic is about one specific aspect of the game, that might or might not get the attention of the devs.

Companies pay 3rd parties to get customer feedback because they recognize the value of it; a better product for their target audience.

Now while camera angle might not be important to those who are vocal here, that does not in any way represent the reality of the overwhelming majority. I’m not saying my opinion does either.

But its being shared regardless, because I paid for the game I am given that privlege as a customer. But good companies just hear from their customers, they also want to hear from potential customers.

While you all might be happy with the camera angle being fixed and set in stone, you wouldn’t be inconvinienced at all if there was an option to adjust it.

So be a little pragmatic and less emotional in your responses. You’re not getting anything taken away from you if they impliment such a feature, and in the contrary they could attract more customers and players resulting in greater revenue for them to add more content and allow you to enjoy the game longer.

I stopped playing because of the angle. It just doesn’t work for me.
I’m a long time gamer with over 3000 games in my steam account, spare no $ when it comes to my setup. rocking 2 different RTX ROG Strix 3090s with 10900k and 2x best monitors money can buy. I’m ready to throw my money at a quality product. And just because I might be the first person to come on here and say something about the camera angle doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of others who either are vexed by it, or stopped playing. They will just never voice their opinion because they probably dont think its worth it or that anything will ever be done about it.
so they drop the game, and when asked by their peers they speak negatively about it which is probably the single most important factor in the success of any product or business; word of mouth.

Why is there a feedback and suggestions topic/thread in the first place?

I am definitely always for improving a game and giving it extra option.

Having more advanced options for camera would be probably not a bad thing, as long as the game is balanced in a way, that it does NOT recommend you to rotate the camera, since than it can become mandatory and annoying.

I am definitely not against implementing it. I cannot say how much work it would actually involve, this is down to the devs to decide, but i can imagine it would involve ALOT of work, especially for all the 3D Art for the World.

I don’t know how many people actually do “quit” the game due to the camera,… i honestly don’t know. maybe there are plenty maybe it’s just a handful.

Anyway, coming to the forum and voicing your opinion about it is great!
This is why we all (or most of us) are here, trying to make this game the best it can be, while it’s still in EA/Beta, where we definitely have the best chance of shaping the game.

I don’t know if devs consider this change, but i would assume it’s out of their scope for the current state of development. You need to remember, this is a indie game and priorities are very important.

We will have to see.

Look. I’m not saying this is a bad suggestion or that the devs should ignore this. But I’m just with @RawSuicide that this seems to be a good to have and not the dealbreaker you seem to be portraying in this thread.


First of, I said I agree with your suggestion. No need to convince me. And nobody is saying you should not post it. If you read through the thread, you’ll realise that the majority agrees with you. The only disagreement is with the drama around this topic.

I’m browsing many sources of LE communications (reddit, steam, forum, discord) for a long time now. From my experience this is not the most stressed topic. It appears once in a while, but not as if it’s a deal breaker. So please forgive me that I doubt that LE will have a camera angle drama at release.