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The Best Built You've Never Played 0.8.2i

As the title suggests, I would like to share the best built I have played in Last Epoch. I guess I would have to put a disclaimer that by best, I mean the most enjoyable to play and likely the most synergistic as all skills compliment each other extremely well.

Before I get into more written details, please check out the quick highlight video of the built:


This builts offense revolves around 3 things:

  • Shurikens thrown in a line.


  • Shadow Cascade, specced into throwing daggers.


  • And creating as many shadows as you can that can repeat either of those abilities with Lethal Mirage, Shift, and Synchronized Strike.


Shurikens thrown in a line would be your primary single-target damage, whereas the Shadow Cascade will be how you deal with AoE targets. Throwing can often be hard to scale. To scale it properly you need quite a few rather rare affixes. In my build, the critical affixes are:

2x Rings - 2x Prefix - Added base throwing fire and physical damage +3 mana cost reduction
Helm - 2x Prefix - Added physical throwing damage(**helm specific**) and added lightning damage with shurikens(**helm/chest specific**)


Then, the rest of the damage comes from nearly 100% critical strike and a 600% critical multiplier. The multiplier can likely go as high as 800 or even 900% if the gear is min-maxed. Another critical part of the build is mana generation. Mana cost reduction on both rings is critical to make your shurikens free to cast, once free, they can generate mana by picking up the “mana per 0 cost skill” from the basic Rogue passive tree.


Note: On the topic of idols and blessings. Many builts rely offensively on blessings and idols. In this built there is no offensive blessings that I see as critical. Your damage is mixed so you do not have to chase specific damage penetration as it is not as impactful as you may think. You can max your shock with shurkens easily, so no outside shock chance is required. Idols are hard to pinpoint as to which ones are the best. You can get generic damage and critical strike from nearly all types of idols so you can easily mix and match for the best damage possible based on what you already have or what happens to drop. Added lightning damage to shuriken idols are not at all good, for some ungodly reason lol.


Initially, this will feel like, and likely be, a glass cannon built until you reach some specific defensive breakpoints. Those breakpoints are:

  1. Max your resistances.
  2. 50% or close dodge rating which will convert to x2 glancing blow.
  3. 100% critical strike avoidance.
  4. 2k hp. This point is going to be your long-term chase goal as It may be hard to fit in health increases when you need crit avoidance, dodge, and resistances to fill first.

At only 1200hp, I was able to comfortably do 120 corruption content with a lot left to be desired from my gear which means that this build has alot of room to grow, still! At 2k hp you could easily push 300+ corruption if you also manage to increase the damage output a bit for faster clearing speeds.



The second part of your defenses would be your gameplay. Obviously, with every build you want to improve/perfect your movement and dodging of enemy hits. With this build, however, it is even more important. You have 3 abilities that can be heavily leveraged to improve your survivability.

  1. Shift
  2. Lethal Mirage
  3. Synchronized Strike(not so much, but possible)

Shift is as usual your primary movement and dodge ability. You secondary and often even more powerful is Lethal Mirage. Lethal Mirage gives you a 2s guaranteed dodge(avoid) on all incoming abilities. This, paired with a proper cooldown management of your shift is extremely powerful both defensively and offensively as it both protects you and does a large amount of damage with shadows and Shadow Cascade(you can see my ability rotation in the youtube video above).

As I mentioned above, this build is very capable at clearing endgame content. I would not classify it as a fast clearing speed because it sacrifices alot of damage potential to reach some defensive breakpoints for survivability. When blessings and gear are maximized, the damage output would likely double making it much more exciting and faster. Currently, it has an average clearing speed in the empowered monolith.

Arena is something that I have not tested thoroughly, yet. I have only done a couple of runs and in its current state it can comfortably do wave 150-200. With some extra effort and better gameplay it will certainly go much further. Not to mention with a maxed gear it will only get better.

I hope you guys enjoy this built guide and get a chance to check it out. It is very flashy and fun to play.

Please checkout the build highlight on youtube and drop a like if you enjoyed it.


Interesting build. I love that you use only one of the “three almost mandatory skills”, this show creativity and a real design-thinking. I have the feeling it requires a good player and is not really beginner-friendly, is this correct?

If you are just starting the game, it might not be. Gameplaywise it just takes time to get used to. The real barrier to entry will be gear. It takes some patience and some rare affixes to push the base throw damage to a point of decent clear.

Like getting 2xt5 throw damage on rings may not be easy for eveyone, same thing with the added throw damage on help and chest which are class specific and take some time to grind and collect.

I only have added throw damage on my helm too, so the class specific ones can help but not mandatory.

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Nice, I like the song :smiley:

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With the new unique dagger(Fulgorite Shard) ur build was buffed! Right?

Oh god, I didn’t get around checking all the uniques. These daggers can probably double the damage if you equip 2 and still manage to keep the crit strike.

It would actually be pretty insane. I will definitely try to get around to trying them out. Haven’t had time for much lately

Amazing, I was trying too, but the fact that flurry melee with channeling node is stronger than all skills left me a little disappointed, and I ended up getting lost in the reasoning of making a build like yours, I think I’ll level flurry first, and more forward to test using the new dagger! Thanks for the answer !

Hey I’ve been roughly following your build, I am completely new to last epoch. I’m trying to figure out how to fill out the rest of the gear, do you just focus on resistances and dodge rating? Thanks for your help, loving the build so far.

Resistances should always be your first defensive priority as they give you 75% reduction on incoming damage. Next, iwould focus on dodge until you get enough to be converted to 100% glancing blow which reduces all damage by another 50%. Then, you can begin to go for health if you have the free affixes to do so.