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The Best All Around Flurry Bladedancer


Build Overview

  • Decent Damage
  • Face Tank All Bosses
  • Wouldn’t Be the Best if I put something here now would it?!

Build Gear/Blessings/Idols Link

Below is a link to Dammitt’s new website for builds. This Website is extremely easy to use and now lets you guys actively see my gear, the exact tiers and rolls, blessings and there rolls, and idols all in one spot. You can also edit any of it to make it better. Enjoy and make sure to give dammit a well deserved “Nice work” Pat on the back.

Shadow Dagger BD Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted January 29th 2021. Viable for 0.8d




Smoke Bomb
Acid Flask

Shout Out To Other Variations Of This Builds

Below is a link to @ApprenticeCorner crit flurry for new players.

Below is a link to a previous version I did in 8.0 without uniques.


But will it work if I can’t get those specific blessings? They seem very specific! Do they give moar DPS?

Blessings or idols? Yes the build works perfectly fine without blessings. As for idols, achieving 100% crit without idols wont be easy

Do you think Eye of Reen are BiS? I think with crafted weapons you can get more out of it don’t you? Sure EoR is an awesome weapon but how many stacks do you have up at a time? Does it procc on every strike or once in 3 strikes?

It’ll proc on every hit, so if you swing once & get 3 hits that should give you 3 stacks (it certainly did when Firebrand was introduced). You can see on Lagon he’s getting ~30-40 stacks = 150%-200% crit multi, which would take his crits up from x2 to x3.5-x4.

@boardman21, if you were willing to spend 20 points in Marksman, you could get 100% chance to apply crit vulnerability on hit, which would make it trivial to hit 100% crit chance on bosses. Maybe something like this:

For the purpose of this build being the best “Well rounded” meaning offensively and defensively yes there BiS in my opinion. Why?

Because to have 100%+ glancing blow AND capped dodge you need to wear dual sword. Now you can craft a couple swords and hit 100% crit and have slightly more Flat damage but what you wont have is the 40+ stacks on IRE reen (200% crit multi) against single target and 80+ stacks against multi targets (400% crit multi) in arena/echo runs

Can get more DPS? maybe off the line as they provide more torque, but as stated above the IRE REEN buff leads to a higher top line.

I thought about this but again this left me out of the best “overall” build and it became only a 100% crit build against bosses… i want all around best build with equal defense/offense/boss fighter/trash cleaner upper.

Another very important thing of note, is with defense you need good health replenishment and having 100% crit on the first hit leads to this as you get 37 health per crit per mob. Even against single target with the insane attacks speed of flurry your getting your health back almost instantly and thats not even including leech.


Btw why don’t you use the “Unseen Strike”! node in Shift (top from starting point)? A bit more dmg and good to use because if you shift through enemys you do a bit dmg.

I didnt use it because I felt it better to get the maximum dodge to maximize the decoy giving 75% crit multi and the guaranteed double flask drop which applies a lot of armor shred. The maximum haste is nice for running and for extra damage thanks to passives. Could take 1 point out of healing or mana gained but I mean the damage is pretty miniscule. So either way.

Yeah but the two points to the left for HP on use are a tad bit useless from my point of view. The little points you get from are a drop in the ocean and there is not that much difference if you put one or two points into it.

Yes correct thats what i meant by

Very intriguing build. Nice work as always.