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The Anointed One - Judgement Aura/Heal Tank

This is a very tanky build with maximized Healing Effectiveness, 100% Block and a lot of Healing on Block. To make use of all that Healing Effectiveness, I chose Judgement with the Anointed node to turn Consecrated Ground into an Aura which moves with me.

Video - Majasa Fight

Build Planner


  • Judgement: Main DPS. Anointed turns Consecrated Ground into an Aura which moves with you. I maxxed Area, Duration, and Cooldown reduction to make sure it’s up as much as possible.
  • Javelin: Sacred Forge buffs each Judgement by 60% (more modifier). Holy Trail leaves a flaming trail buffed by Healing Effectiveness. I reduced the cost to 0 and it grants -10 cost to the Judgement which follows it (making it cost only 6).
  • Holy Aura: increase Global fire damage, grants Fire Pen of 10%, and grants Endurance, Health on Block and Ward on Block.
  • Lunge: set up to apply Frailty and Cull at 15%.
  • Warpath: increases Fire Pen by 100%, Block Effectiveness and is used to apply on-hit effects (Frailty, Chill & Ignite)

General Gameplay video:

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Character at time of Majasa fight:

Rahyeh fight:

Lagon fight (non-empowered):

Empowered Mono:

Nicely done but I thought you might end up on higher numbers with the aura. pretty sad for the investment.

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