The announced Epoch Points system is quite predatory

This system that forces you to buy points in amounts that do not correspond with mtx prices is highly predatory, and I really hope that you reconsider. If you absolutely must price mtx in an intermediate currency, please allow us to buy the exact amount of points we choose.

I honestly expected better than this in terms of business practices from EHG.


I miss when you unlocked skins and shit by actually playing the game, times have changed. I had hopes EHG’s mtx shop would be a tad bit more consumer friendly than PoE’s, jokes on me.

Only time I get mtx in PoE is every few months I buy a weta for like a buck and get a free mystery box haha.

But ya, if you use a point system, dont do some Diablo Immortal shit and always make people buy slightly more than what they need for their item, that in itself tells me you dont give a damn about the playerbase. It is a very scummy business practice.


I mean as long as they’re optional and they don’t affect your stats, then it’s fine. Whatever they have to do to fund the game, as long as it’s not taking more money from shadowy investors or dangerous regimes, I’m fine with it.

What I really wish more than anything is that additional content would come out that was paid unlockable for like a buck or two an item, instead of ten or twenty. I personally have done some art and 3D modelling, and I don’t think a skin it took someone a week or two to make (80 man hours) should require the community to pay 1/160th or 1/80th of what it costed to pay that person to make that, when there’s literally tens of thousands of us who are gonna buy it. To me, that seems way off.

And the reason it seems way off is probably because people are willing to pay that on unlockables or loot boxes because it creates an artificial sense of scarcity or exclusivity, which in digital products is just toxic. Why does anything need to be exclusive on a computer game. Why do we want to show off and pretend we’re the coolest because we bought something last year that isn’t available anymore? I’m not saying that’s a scandal or taking advantage of people, but it is annoying to me personally. The idea that I could buy a game but somehow there’s a bunch of stuff in it I’m not allow to have because I was “too late” is a little lame and somewhat desperate on the part of the people trying to sell that content.

But y’know, it’s whatever. If I don’t have to buy it, all good. If I get some of it for free, fine also. I’m not that invested either way. I want more bosses and dungeons, the marketing and cosmetic part of it is up to them.

I will say also, my character just not looking bad or like a peasant in general after hundreds of hours of grinding might be a good way to keep me playing the game. Just saying. Maybe this really doesn’t need to be as much of a thing, as good content and stuff to do in the game.

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I don’t give a rats ass about cosmetics and i couldn’t care les about the pricing but it’s the same as every other MTX shop. It’s a shitshow for the cutomer with terrible pricing and conversation rates so people have to buy multiple or the next higher price tiers to buy something.

The prices for MTX are through the roof because even if a cosmetic cost 10k to make they would most likely get the money in fast when cosmetics const only 2 bucks.


I agree. I actually also argued that just now. Glad to see great minds think alike. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if part of this also is that these days the take-rate on these kinds of things is so abysmal that they actually have to charge more to get the whales to float the whole enterprise. To me that feels like a failure of marketing if that’s the case. There’s way better ways to get the whales to buy a bunch of stuff than making everything expensive for everybody. You could just have fan experiences, meet up events, or just have a Patreon where you get stuff like goodie bags if you subscribe for a high tier once a quarter or a month or whatever. Whale hunting is hard but it’s not that hard.

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They have said that there will be a transmog system in the game, which I would assume will be this.

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