The Andrew Tilley Appreciation Thread

I know it’s not really off-topic but I didn’t want to clutter the main forums with my fanboy gush.

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you all book mark the following link.

@AndrewTilley does a stellar job of keeping up with everything that seems to float around within the forums that come as ‘official’ mentions from Devs. He even pinpoints many of the little nuggets @Mike_W throws out during his streaming sessions.

He’s been doing this going on at least two years but most likely more to have kept up with all the changes and morphs that had occurred before hand.

I realize there are numerous helpful folks on here. You all know who you are, you old die-hards, you. But I just wanted to take a minute to send some sincere appreciation Andrew’s way. He’ll probably hate me for it (we’ve actually run some MP together) but such is the burden of fame and greatness he must bear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Andrew. If you’re ever in the SE region of the US, make sure to give me a shout because I’d love to buy you a beer or three.


Well thanks man, and I’m glad you enjoy it. I do still have to update the CGG for 0.9 but I’ve been having quite a bit of fun playing multiplayer. I’m going to have to rip myself away from it and buckle down on that again. SoonTM :sweat_smile: